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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Visting the Queen

So you know how it is, you are serving the queen and asking her if she really wants to keep that green plastic tupperware she used at a recent wedding and telling her how happy you are that you can come and serve her for a week in every year when you have to excuse yourself because you have a nasty stabbing migraine and then you wake up, with a nasty stabbing migraine. I hate migraines and particularly the ones which wake you up as it's a bit disconcerting that you can get one when your brain is supposed to be relaxed. Maybe it was dreaming about working at the palace that did it, quite frankly this is the most bizarre dream I have had in ages, I'm not a royalist in any way shape or form so it seems strange that I should spend my night dreaming of Her majesty.

So my night of sleep was somewhat ruined but I took my injection straight away and I'm fine this morning :)

It's School photo today and wouldn't you know it, poor Abigails hair was sticking up like a rose bush, I managed to put bunches in and wet the fringe so that she looked respectable, truth is I can't wait to see the school photo this year as she and Iain are only having 1 taken but it's together so it will either prove to be sensational or abysmal, atleast we don't have to pay for them before we see them.

My thought for the day today involves my wee one, she was giggling away this morning and I wished that I could capture it in a bottle forever, she has the most infectious little giggle and of all the children she is the brightest little button, she rarely gets ill, she rarely cries of complains, she's just a happy and giggly little wonder. I wish that I could keep her like this forever, I'll miss it when she grows up.

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