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Thursday, March 30, 2006

and now for something completely different...

ah yes the wonderful world of google images never fails to bring up a new and interesting craft, I probably won't be taking this one up but the little old mouse lady does seem to have a certain rustic charm, she belongs in the makers collection which you can veiw HERE

Now then how could you resist, go on go see the whole album :D


babycub1970 said...

Are they for popping over a loo roll to hide it from the delicate sensibilities of your honoured guests?

You should see the range of distinctly Germanic crafts covered by the Opitec catalogue, including supplies to make your own characters from wooden spoons and paintbrushes.

babycub1970 said...

OMG - I'cve just seen: they are built on jars or bottles. Blimey: stick one over your HP sauce.

babycub1970 said...

Mummy bear needs to tell Daddy bear to get the internet so she can shop online at happy scrapper.

As a babycubby, I know this would be much easier on her furry legs.

:D :cubbygiggle:

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