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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's warm at last!

Well after a day of being freezing again, it looks as if the heating might be finally fixed, we had to get the engineer out again this afternoon and it's been so cold today that I have had on my thick opaque tights and then slipper socks on top of that :D

I'm not sure what he did when he came the last time but for the first time ever since we moved in, we have heating in the bedroom, the vent has never blown out hot in there and yay tonight I might not have to freeze my bottom off for a change.

Also I have just finished reading "The Scrapbook Magazine" and I have to say that with the new design and new editor I just don't like it, there was a submission guide but it didn't say what types of pages they were looking for and I couldn't actually find a READERS gallery in this months magazine just 3 designers gallery, why is it that scrapping magazines (with the exception of the wonderful Scrapbook Inspirations) are rapidly going down hill, I'm in dismay when I read them, they no longer excite me or inspire me, like Creative Scrapbooking where the most inspiring feature of last month was the Readers Gallery, now then could this be because one of the feature writers was in transition on her way to becoming the editor of TSBM. I'm just glad that I also received my copy of this months Creating Keepsakes, I have taken out a monthly subscription with Papermaze so that I don't have to worry about missing issues, I was delighted to see the wonderful smiley face of the gorgeous and amazingly talented Elsie Flannigan, thank goodness for CK and Memory Makers (and Scrapbooking Memories and For keeps from OZ). Please British editors of Scrapping mags, try and be more far-sighted, give us the things we want, new techniques, wonderful pages of inspiration, interesting features, things which challenge us, things which make us want to jump right up, put the mag down and scrap right now. Take a look at CK and Scrapbooking memories, see all that is wonderful in the world of the scrapping magazine and try some of that before we end up being a country which produces only 1 magazine. You know what though, maybe if there were only 1 magazine, then it would be brilliant, take all the best bits of all our publications, throw them together and you might just have something readable and enjoyable.

Ahhhhhh, Rant over, that feels so much better.

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