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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jonathan and Susans Pre-wedding photo shoot, Newcastle Quayside

What can I tell you about Jonathan and Susan, well firstly they're utterly lovely people, I met them a few weeks ago for their pre-wedding shoot and it was the first time I met them, within 5 minutes it was like we'd know each other for ages, I love it when connections like that happen!

It's good that they did as this couple are busy busy busy, they both have uber cool jobs in the TV and Movie industry and are currently working on Game of Thrones at the moment.  Susan works in costumes and Jonathan works in Visual effects, i.e. he gets to go to work every day and blow stuff up, now I thought I had the coolest job in the world but that is even cooler, I think everyone would like to go to work and blow stuff up ;)

We met up on the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside and got some great shots and I can't wait for their wedding on Saturday :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

The Wedding of Kay and Rob - Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Beautiful Kay and Handsome Rob, I met these lovely people last year and we hit it off straight away, Kay and I share a love of Audrey Hepburn, I knew it was going to be a special day and as it turned out their day was a day of two halves, beautiful sunshine and later torrential rain, they married at St Peters Church Monkseaton and then drove to The Baltic for a swish reception, heres the story of their day in photographs

As a surprise kay had hired a brass band to play outside the church after the ceremony and at this point it was a glorious summers afternoon.

As we arrived at the Graffiti wall the rain began to spot, luckily we got a few photos because then the rain became torrential and it didn't stop again all day.

Thinking on my feet we quickly moved to the viewing box at the Baltic and got some truly beautiful shots while waiters and waitresses stood waiting to prepare the box for private dining later that evening, I thanked them for their patience as no couple of mine were going to end up with a lack of portraits on their special day! haha

One of my favourite shots of the day, Kay loves Audrey Hepburn and I told her to channel Audrey, I reckon she pulled it for for sure!

If you can on the wedding day and you really want group shots which are unlike anyone elses all we need is a little extra time, why be boring and have everyone standing around in a line?

Congratulations Kay and Rob, may you have many happy years together and thank you so much for letting me document your most special day!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Newcastle Olympic Torch Relay Party

This week I was lucky enough to win a pair of wristbands for the Olympic Torch Relay Party on the Newcastle Quayside from the lovely people over at BDaily Looby was chosen to go after a bedroom tidying contest and we prepared ourselves for a once in a lifetime experience.

I have to say that we had an absolutely amazing time and please excuse me for sharing quite a few photos of our evening.

It was a rainy day in Newcastle but that didn't stop Looby and I having the time of our lives

being given the watchful eye by a BBC Cameraman, who is he, do you know him?

There was a great performance by Twist and Pulse and the Samsung Street Crew (I think thats what they were called) lots of leaping and bounding

 These guys who I can't actually remember their names were pretty amazing, I think they might have been called the Lloyds TSB future flames or something like that, anyway, they did lots of acrobatic stunts and were generally uber impressive

 I was so near to the stage I thought I'd get a shot of all the crowd in a lift the camera over your head, focus and shoot, it worked really well, there were 5000 wristbands given out and despite the rain there was a pretty huge crowd

The Little Comets played, haven't really heard of them if I'm honest but I kind of loved their sound, Looby said it was far too loud!!

the torch carried by inspirational torch bearer Will Downs is carried onto the stage, I had tears rolling down my cheeks at this point, inspirational young person and a combination of my utter pride to be both British and  Geordie

this one is my favourite, the cauldron is lit and so the Olympic Flames are officially in Newcastle
 The torch burned bright through the rest of the entertainment as Kathryn Tickell performed the inaugral performance of a new piece of music specially composed for the 2012 Olympics, I think called Jig Hop but don't quote me on that!

Looby had the best time ever tonight, she says she's going to win a medal for something in a few years time and I really hope this experience has inspired her to do that.

 One of the best parts of the night, one of the torch bearers let Looby hold the torch so I could get a photo of her, I reckon she'll show this one to her children in years to come.

Our beautiful city, an Olympic City, I can't wait to go to the Olympic football matches at St James Park on July 26th, I don't even like football but this is definitely one of those once in a lifetime things!

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