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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Vow Renewal part 2... (The Jamie Emerson Selection)

Today I'm a very excitable young(ish) lady because I want to share photographs from our vow renewal taken by photojournalist Jamie Emerson.  I've known Jamie for a couple of years now and am pretty honoured that we're friends and that he agreed to be one of our 4 photographers.  Jamie is primarily a photo-journalist but he also shoots a wicked portrait.

Let me share some of my favourites -

There were so many fantastic photographs taken of Paul, I absolutely love this one.

Our amazing cupcakes from the Jesmond Cupcake Company, these tasted as good as they looked!
I love this one of me and my gorgeous girls, they look beautiful like princesses.  I had a vision in my mind that I wanted to look like a 40's movie star who was just off to a red carpet event, the reaction I got from Paul on the day really did mean that for him I had achieved that.
I was so overwhelmed and happy to see the man who I loved, the man who I had spent the last ten years of my life with, the man who made me realise what love really is and let me tell you his grin was just as big as mine.
This photograph I'll treasure forever because I can see just how much Paul is in love with me, to love and be loved is the most wonderful thing in the universe.

I always wanted a really cool contemporary portrait of us and this is it, this one has already been ordered for the wall.
Jamie really uses a 10-20mm lens with great effect, I absolutely love this image.
Atlast we have a family portrait, this image means so much to me, our first family portrait ever!
I'll end on this one which gives me shivers, it is just amazing!

Jamie, this precious gift, this wonderful thing you've given us will never be forgotten, thank you so much from the bottom of all our hearts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The vow renewal of Mandy and Paul (yes thats me!!) (Part 1)

On 14/04/10 Paul and celebrated 10 years of an amazing and unique marriage by renewing our vows in front of our children and friends in a funky vintage setting at As You Like It, Jesmond.

This day, the day of my dreams was everything I imagined and more.

I want to share some photographs from each of our 4 photographers as they come in so what better way to start than those of ace photographer and Tilt Shift expert Mark Scholey.

When Paul and I booked our vow renewal we wanted it to reflect us as a couple so vintage, quirky and full of love,  I seriously believed that the photography that Mark produced is like some kind of vintage indie love story and that is a reason to love it even more.

My hubby looked hot even if his 40's outfit turned out to be Miami Vice 80's linen, never one to be defined is Meandering Paul.

Love this one of Paul with Iain.
The girls and I arrived and I was so nervous, my legs were wobbly and shaky, Paul also said that he couldn't remember being this nervous when we got married.

Walking in and getting our first sight of each other was a magical thing, the funny part was that at the hotel, James tweeted a pic of me and Paul looked, he said to Christine that if he hadn't of looked he would have cried! aww
We were literally the happiest you can ever imagine as we got to celebrate the strength and wonder of our love and 10 years of our marriage.
We were so lucky to have our wonderful friend Joel (who I first met when I photographed his wedding to Heather in April 2008)perform the ceremony, a ceremony which had been written by Heather, I can't say enough wonderful things about the ceremony, it was fun, heartfelt and above all it was Paul and I in a nutshell!
Yes so happy that when he kissed me for the millionth time in 20 minutes I actually lifted my leg up, thats how amazing my hubby makes me feel.

I want to share so many more photographs that I'll be blogging all this week or maybe all month with photographs taken by our astoundingly wonderful photographers.

Thanks Mark for your part, you have given us a priceless gift.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Simon and Georgies Pre-wedding shoot - St Marys Island and Whitley Bay

I caught up with Simon and Georgie on Good Friday to shoot their pre-wedding photographs, I'm shooting their wedding in June and after these shots I cannot wait, they are a super lovely couple, they're full of fun, love photography and are massively in love, it's a bit of a photographers dream really, here's just a few favourites from the shoot -



aww, I do love love!


Gorgeous bride to be


Handsome groom to be!




Love this blue!


My absolute favourite shot!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

8 days until the Vow Renewal....

I really haven't blogged a great deal about our vow renewal, mostly I didn't have time and also I didn't want to bore people by going on and on about it!

So it's now 8 days until the big day, I want to blog just a little about it as this is my blog, it's history and I want to remember the feelings I'm having now, forever.

So I suppose everyone knows that the Ceremony and reception are both being held at As You Like It - Jesmond.

Our theme is 40's/50's vintage glamour and I can't wait to see what everyone looks like on the day.

I wanted to share our invitations, if you love some paper perfection you can click to see them here, we got the Enchantment range in red and they were super lovely, Paula who runs Heart and Design is simply the most fabulous lady to deal with, she really cares about her clients and she even designed us a vow renewal certificate to match.

Another lady I must mention is Lydia at the Jesmond Cupcake Company, my hubby and I had a fabulous morning tasting cupcakes and they really are delish, I thoroughly recommend her.

Now then, through photography I have been lucky and priviledged enough to make the best friends and 4 of them are shooting the vow renewal, James, Matt, Mark and Jamie will be literally making my photographic dreams come true as for the first time we'll have a photograph of us all as a family and also hubby and I will have some portraits we'll treasure forever.

Our ceremony is going to be officiated by Joel who's wedding I shot back in 2008, I met Heather and Joel when I shot their wedding and we've become really great friends which has been so lovely for me as I've been able to share in the joy of their little daughter Toam who always greets me with a smile.

After our ceremony which is actually been written by Joel and Heather we'll be leaving As You Like It to go into town for some photographs with the boys, I'm thoroughly excited about that bit as it will give hubby and I some time away from everyone to enjoy being renewed!!

Then it's back to As You Like It for some afternoon tea before we swing into the evening doooooo with music being provided by DJ Mark Young.

Music is really important to me and to hubby, if you want to know what kind of songs we'll be having on the play-list I created an iMix in iTunes.  Just clicky the link and you'll be transported, now wouldn't that be a lovely thing to do for a wedding!

2 other ladies I must mention are Emma and Lisa, i've worked with them on several occasions in the past and I know they're going to give me the best hair and makeup i have ever had, if you are looking for hair and makeup artists extraordinaire then these are the ladies to contact.

I'm so utterly excited, I get butterflies every time I think about it, the girls and I are booked into an executive suite at the Novotel next tuesday so we can relax before the excitement and commotion of Wednesday.

Stay tuned to hear more about the vow renewal :o)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Wedding of Rebekka and Dan - Whitworth hall, County Durham

Rebekka and Dan married last weekend in an intimate ceremony at Whitworth Hall in county Durham, here's just a few favourite shots from the day.




a little Macro action for a ring shot.



One of the local residents of Whitworth Hall


Gorgeous Groom


Beautiful Bride


Delightful bridesmaid.



another one of those weddings where everyone was so happy they cried, including me!!


Hungry guests!!


a few couples portraits that I love




A young Stag, the closest I think i've ever been to one!

Rebekka and Dan may you have a wonderful honeymoon and a fabulous life together, thank you so much for letting me share in your special day.
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