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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jayne and Stuart Are Married!

I'm knee deep in editing yesterdays amazing wedding at the Stadium of Light, thats Sunderland football clubs home ground for anyone who doesn't know! Anyway, I'm editing some of my favourites so I thought I would share some sneak peeks from their couples session, now Jayne (who looked amazing and beautiful and gorgeous all wrapped up in one) was keen to have intimate photographs which didn't have a football theme (understandibly, take note male readers, just because your wonderful bride is getting married in a football stadium doesn't mean that every shot will have a football theme to it!!) so we hopped out of the front of the stadium and across the carpark to what can only be described as 2 foot of wasteland, if they stepped any farther back they would have fallen off the cliff! But It was absolutely totally worth it because look at these.

I think Jayne and Stuart are a truly magical couple.

I'll tell you more about the wedding tommorrow when I'm finished editing I promise...

Jayne wore the most amazing flowing gown and in the breeze it looked completely sensational.

Stuart and Jayne are the best dancers I know and wait till I share photographs from their first dance tommorrow.

Jayne and Stuart, you are the warmest loveliest couple and I wish you so much love and happiness together.

Check back tommorrow for a full report and the whole story of a truly magical wedding in unique and impressive surroundings (note to grooms and male readers... wait till you see the footie themed photographs ;) )

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Published in the Evening Chronicle

I'm so blessed to have been published in the Evening Chronicle this week, one of my photographs from Heather and Joels wedding was published in the Your Wedding section on Tuesday night, the only thing was that I didn't get it, I knew that it would be in the Chronicle sometime this week but I was working so hard on Amy and Shakers wedding that I forgot to get the paper so if anyone has an extra copy could you contact me and can I have it?

Also thanks so much for all the kind words about the photographs from Amy and Shakers wedding, I've had countless comments, emails, phonecalls and text messages including of course lovely Amy and I'm overwhelmed, photography is my entire life and it's only because I have such fantastic clients that I'm growing and learning constantly :)

One last point, I am completely ad utterly practically full for 2008 and only have a few 2009 dates left so if you're thinking about booking me don't hang around, you can contact me on my contactme page.

One very very last point, I now have the best ever team of assistants so if you're getting married this summer you may get to meet the very fabulous Rhys, the wonderfully marvellous Nigel and my newest addition to the team, amazingly lovely Karen, of course if you're very lucky and are having only 1 location for your wedding and reception you may even get me all to yourselves, lucky people ;)

Happy Thursday everyone, Stuart and Jaynes wedding tommorrow, hold on to your hats, I can't wait!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amy and Shakers wedding part 2 - Photojournalism and Candid moments

Today I'm sharing more wonderful moments from mondays amazing wedding, I've chosen to share documentary or "Photojournalism" moments as these are the images which tell the story of the day, they're all non posed and camera unaware making sure that you get to watch the bride, groom and other guests at their most natural.

A glowing Amy arrives at the Village Hotel,

During the ceremony Shaker gave Amy the wrong finger and then tried to say that it didn't matter, LOL!!
After the short service but before the siging of the registers the Registrar welcomed the family to congratulate the bride and groom.

Shakers mum choosing to give Amy a traditional asian welcome.

During dinner a magician performed close up magic, I was truly astounded at his tricks and he beguiled and delighted all the guests.

Amy caught during the speeches, all of which were very funny!!

I think Amy was clapping for someones involvement of the wedding, I love how she looks so happy and relaxed.

One of the final moments of the evening, Amy and Shakers first dance.

Amy and Shaker I hope you've enjoyed more sneakers and I'll email you when your gallery goes live at the end of the week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amy and Shakers Wedding, The Village Hotel, North Shields and St Marys Island

Yesterdays wedding was such an amazing and gargantuan event that I am blogging a little today and I'll share some more tommorrow. Todays photographs are a relection of what was a most wonderful and memorable day.

Usually I sort of post in order but I have so many favourites that I want to share some of those instead.

Ok, lets go :-

The Beautiful Bride -

Amy chose to wear a Lenga (an asian wedding 2 part gown) which was so decoratively embroidered with many many sequins, it looked so pretty. Doesn't Amy look beautiful?

These bridal portraits were taken after the wedding when we went down to St Mary's Island near Whitley Bay, it was such a beautiful day, the weather could only have been improved by a little less wind!!

A couple of wedding ceremony moments, the registrar was so photo friendly and I remained quite close throughout, Amy smiled non stop and continued to positively glow for the entire day.

Shakers mum travelled all the way from India to attend the wedding, I love this photograph as she looks on at the service, she smiled all day even though she doesn't speak any English.

A very happy bridal party proving that group shots can be funky and fun!!

and these last 2, well all I can say is Love, sweet, sweet love!

Amy and Shaker you are a wonderful and unique couple, I hope you enjoy these sneaky peeks, your whole wedding gallery should be live by the end of the week!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Perfect Birthday Present

A family portrait is a great present, especially for mums so when Andrew told me that plans were afoot to get a great portrait done for mums 50th I had to help even though I only had 2 days notice, sometimes of course the last minute bookings turn out to be the most fun and this certainly was the case with Andrew and his family, he brought along his 2 brothers, his sister and his super cute niece and we just had a great time walking in Jesmond Dene.

They are a really gorgeous family don't you think?

Andrew definetly chose the right colour to wear for the day.

Sister Rebecca is beautiful.

Brother Phil, also very dashing!

and little brother Tim who used to be a model!!

Tim and his delightful daughter.

We had lots of fun and she giggled all the time.

She really was like sunshine in a bottle.

Now don't you think this would make a great wall canvas!

I adore this photograph, the light and pretty much everything was perfect, doesn't she look amazing?

Andrew and Family, thank you so much for sharing just a snippet of your lives with me, I had a ball and I think it shows in the photographs, I hope that you love them all and they make mum the most amazing birthday album ever.

If you want to book a portrait session for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion please click on my contact us page.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Joes 3rd Milestones Photoshoot

It was time for Joes 3rd Milestones shoot and the first one we've actually made it outside for, he brought along his neice (yes he's not even 2 and already is an uncle!!) and brother who also wanted to get some photos so I killed 3 birds with one stone and got a selection of shots of all of them, so on we go with todays photos :-

Oh Oh, cute little girl alert!!

What a poppet she was, only 7 months and a really sunny disposition.

Joes Elder brother is very handsome and also has a wonderful personality.

After that Joe's brother and neice toddled off leaving me to go for a walk with Joe and his mum, so we investigated the small park area of Jesmond Dene after firstly seeing the animals in pets corner.

I love this one of him investigating a swinging tyre.

Sitting in a little house, he quite liked that!!

awww, we were looking for ducks at this point.

We found a green door and shot some portraits there, Joe was having such fun knocking on the door to see if anyone was home.

Joe, I had such a lovely time and it's so wonderful seeing you grow, I can't wait for your final shoot on your second birthday in September.

I've been so busy today so look out for another post tommorrow also from Jesmond Dene with another wonderful family!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Alien Day

It's creativity fortnight at school and on this last day before term it's Alien Day so after a hasty trip to the shops yesterday we put together the following outfits:-

This is Princess ninny noo na of the hydroplexus galaxy

and swishy loobukin of planet laalaaloolaaa

Look at those strange alien expressions.

They might look cute but beware!

Teeheehee, they were also covered head to toe in glitter!!

Well thats all for now, happy weekend, 2 shoots tommorrow and then it's Amys wedding on Monday!! So excited, I love my job!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rachel and Jonathans Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Saltwell Park, Gateshead

Rachel and Jonathan are getting married in August of this year so I met up with them in not so sunny Saltwell park this afternoon for their pre-wedding shoot. Despite Rachel feeling so very nervous I still got some wonderful photographs of them both.

Rachel is beautiful, slender and also has an amazing personality to match.

Jonathan is also gorgeous, he's quite meaty and has promised Rachel that his six pack will be ready for the wedding (LOL)

They simply are the adorable couple don't you think?


I love Rachel when she laughs, its when you see her truly relax and it is of course beautiful.

More giggling :)

We went for a walk and found lots of lovely places to shoot.

Rachel had never been to Saltwell Park and shock horror when I found out that Jonathan hasn't ever taken her on a romantic picnic!!

another lovely moment.

I love this bandstand photo, i think this is the one which would look awesome on a huge canvas!

Rachel and Jonathan, you are the adorable couple and I can't wait for your wedding in August.
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