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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Perfect Birthday Present

A family portrait is a great present, especially for mums so when Andrew told me that plans were afoot to get a great portrait done for mums 50th I had to help even though I only had 2 days notice, sometimes of course the last minute bookings turn out to be the most fun and this certainly was the case with Andrew and his family, he brought along his 2 brothers, his sister and his super cute niece and we just had a great time walking in Jesmond Dene.

They are a really gorgeous family don't you think?

Andrew definetly chose the right colour to wear for the day.

Sister Rebecca is beautiful.

Brother Phil, also very dashing!

and little brother Tim who used to be a model!!

Tim and his delightful daughter.

We had lots of fun and she giggled all the time.

She really was like sunshine in a bottle.

Now don't you think this would make a great wall canvas!

I adore this photograph, the light and pretty much everything was perfect, doesn't she look amazing?

Andrew and Family, thank you so much for sharing just a snippet of your lives with me, I had a ball and I think it shows in the photographs, I hope that you love them all and they make mum the most amazing birthday album ever.

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Bagpuss said...

Just love the black and white one and agree what a fun wall canvas! Aren't they all very alike too??

mandijane said...

Wow they're all pretty amazing......the b&w is gorg.....

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