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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Secret Nuclear Bunker

Ok, so on Sunday the weather was Wet, Wet and even more Wet, we decided that going to some water gardens probably wasn't the best idea and Paul really wanted to go to Hack Green, a disused secret nuclear bunker. Now being that I am a total Pacifist the whole place freaked me out and the thought of enjoying a mock nuclear explosion really didn't turn me on!

So I only took 3 photographs and got out of there as quick as humanly possible, Paul of course enjoyed it immensely but it made me feel really uncomfortable, well you can hardly feel at ease when you're surrounded by Radiation signs can you?!

We decided that the rest of the day would be spent at Bridgemere Garden World, Europes biggest garden centre, so big it even has 6 acres of gardens to walk around. It was dreek though so I ended up buying a huge golf brolly, actually though the day was really for Paul we all enjoyed ourselves and Paul and the girls all got new hats.

Abigail also practised at being a new variety of butterfly.

Iain also had lots of fun wandering though we did have a crisis when he tripped and fell tearing his knee open, you'll have to ask him about his wailing and the resulting limp!

The six acres of garden there really are gorgeous and it was wonderful to see all the tulips which are of course one of my favourite flowers.

Apparently 4 gardeners planted 400,000 bulbs each.

I loved all the tulips and only wish I could have brought some home.

Oh and this folly really got my attention

I did think one of the locals though was a bit green and stiff

We even climbed up to the top of Bridgemere mountain which wasn't all that tall really and calling it a mountain was a slight stretch of the imagination. The kids though loved ringing the bell at the top!

another fabbo day was had by all and we returned to the hotel with slightly tired feet.

Tommorrow look out for my post about our journey home and trip to the National Media Museum in Bradford.

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