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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joes Milestones Photoshoot 28/11/07

A little while ago I decided to offer "Milestones" photoshoots to any families with little ones, you know how the little ones change so much over the course of a year, well Joe had the first of his four sessions today and I'm so excited that I'm going to get to have 4 photoshoots with this little boy over the next year because he is the cutest patooty you ever did see and it's just a shame I can't show you him in action with his groovy dance moves, I think this one is destined to end up being a dancer!!Joe-24.jpg

Joe is one of those children blessed with amazing big eyes, he loves his mummy so much and she can make him giggle in 5 seconds flat!

There's something about Joe which just works so well with black and white, he makes the whole photograph come alive and it was so hard to edit down to a reasonable amount for his mum Kerry to choose from!
The second of Joes shoots will be with the Christmas Tree at the very start of the New Year and I can't wait to have another hour to play!!

If you want to have 4 photoshoots over the course of the year you can pre-book for only £100, that saves you £100 straight away so don't delay and contact me through Mandy Charlton Designs.

No apologies for the sheer amount of photos today but this little boy melted my heart, See you in January Joe :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little Zhuzz!

I thought since I had now changed the splash page on my website, I might as well change my blog to match and so here she is with her new winter look!

Nothing more to post about that the moment, kittens are all fine and happy, workmen are once again in my kitchen laying floors and tiling, this week should see the completion of the work and I cannot wait!!

Still a couple of slots for family photoshoots if you live in and around Newcastle and you want your photographs in time for christmas, please see Mandy Charlton Designs to book.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Helen and her family 25/11/07

This morning I had the pleasure of spending some time with Helen and her lovely family, the goal was to get some relaxed family photos and I think we certainly achieved that. Her girls, Bethan and Eve are just the most gorgeous little poppets and I think you'll agree they're both very very photogenic. Bethan is a wonderful bundle of fun who never stopped smiling.
Eve had the cutest smile and biggest blue eyes and for two and a half was one of the easiest toddlers to photograph.
There were as always so many that I loved it was hard to choose favourites, I think these 4 though probably sum up my style of informal family portraiture.
If you want to book a relaxed family portrait photography shoot I have a couple of slots left over the next couple of weeks before that Christmas Delivery cut off point so if you're interested call me or click through to Mandy Charlton Designs for full details.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lisa and Glens wedding - Hexham 24/11/07

Aren't Lisa and Glen the cutest couple?! We met up on a very cold wintery day for their wedding at Hexham Registry office, friends and family gathered with numb fingers and warm hearts to watch an adorable couple celebrate their love.

What November did do for us was give us edgy dramatic photos which I hope Lisa and Glen will love and cherish for the years to come.

I think these photos really suit winter weddings and I'm delighted that the happy couple chose me to be their wedding photographer.
Thank you Lisa and Glen for letting me share your wedding day with you.

If you're interested in booking me as your wedding photographer then click through to Mandy Charlton Designs and book yourself a consultation where we can talk all about your wedding photography plans and of course your very special big day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Kitten Watch - Day 1

If yesterdays photos made you a little broody then I would suggest that you avert your eyes from this blog post as it's a cute kitten-fest of a post!

So all kittens are doing well except for the fact that mum has abandoned the nest and after much searching has decided that a great place to have the kittens is on my chair, I've come to the rescue and put a blanket on it and I guess we'll be sitting on the floor for a few weeks!! It did however mean that I got these corking photos!
This one is going to Jules and we're going to call it by it's name as soon as she decides what she is going to be called.
This one is a noisy little boy and I have to admit to being very fond of him.
here's 3 of them though you can only see one of the boys and the head of Abigails kitten, Angel!

There's a few more shots of them on Flickr so feel free to click through and see the rest!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yes the kittens have arrived and I got to see it all, I even had to cut the umbilical cord of number 5!!

I know these aren't the best photos but they'll do till I can get some better ones tommorrow.
This one is Abigails and is called Angel.

This one is the other girl (2 girls and 3 boys) and will be going to my good friend Jules for her hubbys Mum.
and here they all are cuddled together, mine is black and white and Looby in her genius has decided we're calling him Catpin Jack (work that one out ;) )

More photos when it's light!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rachaels Photoshoot, Heaton Perk, Newcastle upon tyne 20/11/07

I met up with Rachael at Heaton Perk yesterday for her lifestyle photography shoot, mum came along and was hoping that yesterdays shoot would provide some lucky grannies with gorgeous photos for Christmas, well of course Rachael being the young gorgeous girl that she is there was no shortages of great images and once again I've had difficulty deciding on my favourites.
Looking Uber cool on one of the large sofas.
She's got the look here don't you think.
Essential reading in this one, don't forget to check out that title!!

Don't forget that I still have a couple of slots available to get those photos processed in time for Christmas and have the prints delivered so if you want to book your lifestyle photoshoot or your family portraiture session and you're in Newcastle or the surrounding areas check out Mandy Charlton Designs.

I also just wanted to add a quick thanks to the staff ( and customers) of Heaton Perk who haven't complained at all about me shooting there over the last couple of days, I'll be recommending your fantastic cosy coffee house to everyone I meet!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amy and Michael at Heaton Perk, Newcastle upon Tyne 19/11/07

Wow, what a photoshoot, yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting brother and sister, Amy an Michael, we met up at the new coolest place to be, Heaton Perk, a cafe which IMHO has everything, including of course those Red sofas, it's comfy, cosy, sells books and makes a great place to have photoshoots!!

Amy and Michael are both gorgeous so it wasn't hard to get some fabulous photos, in fact I had a hard time choosing.I love this one of them checking out the books, notice the title of that book!!
These ones for me sum up Lifestyle photography, it's just a great reflection of relaxing and hanging out at the local coffee house (which BTW is tons better and cheaper than Starbucks) One of my favourites of them singly was this one of Amy, don't you think this girl could be a modelWell actually she's a fully trained beauty therapist and she works for my good friend Jules up at one of her branches of Minx-T

Thanks Amy and Michael for a super fun photo shoot and guys if you would like to book your relaxed family photoshoot then don't forget to check out Mandy Charlton Designs.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Guess Who We Saw Yesterday

Looby waiting Patiently.Abigail waiting with anticipation. There he is, can you see who it is yet?Taking Orders for the list.Finding out what the children will leave on Christmas eve for him and the reindeers.
Yep, it's Santa, the girls had a blast, we go and see Santa at Heighley Gate garden centre every year, you can see last years visit here. It's the beginning of our festive celebrations and of course I bought a new winter throw, Paul will tell you of my obsession with throws if you ask him nicely!!

Oh and those of you who've just joined my readership, I thought you might care to see a little craft so here's my button tree I mentioned earlier in the week.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beverley, Charlotte and Ross, Family Portrait Photoshoot, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle, 17/11/07

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Beverley and her children, it's hard to beleive that Beverley has children who are nearly 18 and nearly 21 as she's so youthful and all three of them are gorgeous. We shot a little at their fabulous home which dear readers I would die for!
We then hurried to Jesmond Dene for what was left of the light to get a couple of outdoor portraits, Charlotte is beautiful and has the most fabulous sense of style.
Ross has often been asked if he's a model and I think you can see why.

I truly enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with them and it was yet another reminder of how much I truly love my job.

If you want to book yourself a Family Photoshoot then do hurry as I've only got a few slots left which will ensure delivery of your finished products before Christmas, for more details you can see Mandy Charlton Designs.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Donna and Andrews Urban Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - Newcastle Upon Tyne 16/11/07

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Donna and Andrew to do their Pre-wedding Photoshoot and also to get to know them both a little better as although they're originally from up here they now live out of the region. I'm their wedding photographer in February and yesterday was a truly great day for shooting, we met up in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and the light was glorious, We went to several locations in Newcastle, some of them are really urban and some are just gorgeous

As our time progressed the weather was perfect for an awesome sunset which of course I shared on yesterdays blog. You can see though just how gorgeous they look bathed in the golden light of the sunset Donna and Andrew I'm delighted that you chose me as your wedding photographer, I can't wait for February.

Lovely lurking brides, don't forget that all my wedding packages come with a Pre-shoot, for more details you can see my website Mandy Charlton Designs

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sunset in Newcastle

After I finished Donna and Andrews Engagement Shoot (images from that tommorrow) I was walking back into Newcastle along the quayside and the most splendid sunset occured, well seeing as I had my camera it seemed a shame not to capture a few shots so here they are :-

This one was slightly further on just showing the High Level and Swing Bridge

and this one was as I turned backwards looking towards the millenium bridge and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.


You get the idea, I've had to count backward from 10 so many times this week to stop me exploding that someone somewhere is going to get the end of my angst! The house is still upside down, we have a kitchen but we now have huge holes in the kitchen floor where the old partition was removed and things are strangely quiet with not even a hint of workmen today which probably means that it's going to be another weekend of living in this upside down bomb site! I'm escaping this afternoon to meet up with clients who have their wedding next February, look out for another Urban E-Shoot appearing on the blog over the weekend.

Tommorrow I have a photoshoot as well and then next week I have one just about every day with 2 on some days, you can bet there's going to be lots to feast your eyes on over the next week, I also have a wedding next saturday and I'm thanking Karma for letting us have a £250 car which not only goes but also has a lovely CD player in, frankly I don't car too much what it looks like so long as it goes and I can listen to music!

Talking of music the Take That "Beatiful World Tour Edition" plopped on the doormat yesterday, these days I rarely buy CD's as I have a subscription to Napster but this was one CD I definetly wanted for my collection, especially as it has an accompanying DVD with 4 of my favourite and their latest hits!

Also yesterday I finally ordered myself a copy of "Nigella Express" as many of you know I'ma keen cook and this lady has fabbo recipes and they take almost no time to put together.

Now then, I know that many of my friends who read my blog know about my passion for craft but I thought I would mention it as I'm pretty sure all those lovely clients of mine love to know a little more about their photographer. After all if it hadn't of been for craft and scrapbooking I wouldn't even be a photographer. I haven't had much time for craft since my business took off but the other day I managed to sit for 2 whole hours and made a button tree inspired by Ali Edwards, no piccy yet as I've been frightened to get my camera out inside the house this week with the dust levels!

If you love craft, maybe you should check out the Craft forum which I Co-Own, it's Called and it's awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On being busy and unexpected disasters

Well after yesterdays post you all certainly took me seriously and I booked 4 photoshoots in the space of an hour yesterday, Yes indeed I am looking forward to every single one of those! Today though we've had joiners here making more mess and disrupting us even more, please hope tommorrow is the last major day of disruption, It's kitchen upheaval day tommorrow, after that we should be able to start thinking about decorating, I've already got a couple of tester pots and a bag full of paint charts!!

We've had a major disaster today, this morning as Paul attempted to take the children to school he discovered that the car wouldn't drive forwards and well it's not exactly practical to drive everywhere in reverse so we called good old Green Flag who sent a lovely man who in a calm manner told us that it was our cylinder head gasket, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, we drive this teeny Hyundai Atoz + it's an S reg and pretty much gets us everywhere, we're a bit devastated to know that it would cost more to fix the car than it's actually worth so we're tommorrow paying the princely sum of £250 for an L reg Golf which will hopefully get us through to the new year. I can kind of manage without a car as I have an assistant who does all the driving to weddings but as I can't have consultations in my kitchen at the moment we really don't have any option plus Paul definetly needs a car for his business! Oh well, lets be positive but can I just ask any potential clients to be put off by our sad old car, I promise it's no reflection on my photography, strange thing is that I now own lenses that are worth more than the car!!

Tommorrow should be a better day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last Purchase dates for Christmas presents

Clients, lovely, lovely clients, you're all rushing to book your portrait photography sessions at the moment which is great because your families are going to get the most fantastic presents ever. I just wanted to let you know that you should place orders for Canvases NO later than the first week of December (cutting it fine but I'll do my best to make sure you have it for Santas arrival) Prints are fine and can be ordered up until the 15th of December or if you're willing to come and collect them yourselves you can do that pretty much until Christmas Eve. Canvases though, they come from Germany so please do bear that in mind!!

I'm really enjoying meeting loads of new clients at the moment, particularly there's been lots of portrait sitting bookings so if you're thinking you might also want one, can I ask you to call me poste haste as my shooting time is really really starting to get busy and I want to make sure I have enough time for each and every one of you lovely people!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Don't Ask....

It's been a very very stressful week and nerves and tempers have been somewhat frayed, thankfully the worst is now over and barring the fact that there isn't a wall in the house (or ceiling) that doesn't have a hole in we're hoping this week should be a little better! Dear reader my first dilemma is to be what colour should I paint the kitchen? I'm stuck between petrol blue and Khaki, whatever happens it's going to be fabulous!! I hope that if any of my lovely clients come for consultations they'll excuse the absolute chaos!

Today we escaped to start the Christmas shopping, we found ourselves at Houghton Hall Garden Centre in Cumbria, the festive decorations were aplenty and Abigail and Looby have now popped a Dolls House on their Christmas list and I'm also happy to report dear reader that Iain has abandoned plans for a PSP and instead is hoping to receive a good old Train set, wahey, proper presents this year!!

We probably did eat a little too much cake and I'm proud to report that I'm now the owner of a Christmas Teapot which I can add to this weeks collection of 4 Christmas mugs and Matching China coasters!

Yes people, it's beginning to feel like Christmas is coming!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Thursday Escape

So today was VVVVVVV stressful, Paul and I decided to run away, admittedly only to the quayside so not exactly very far but it was nice to be away from the chaos of home. It was a lovely sunny day on the quayside other than the strong NorthWesterly wind. Paul and I went to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary art but most of the exhibits I found quite disturbing, I guess that was the point but I could have done with cheering up!! I took a couple of portraits of quite willing Paul but I think you'll agree that you can see the stress on his face.

I took a couple more photos today on the quayside so feel free to click through to Flickr to browse the rest of the set.

Tommorrow is the total rewire so I'll be without internet or phone for an entire day, Clients if you need to contact me, Mobiles are charged and waiting to take your call!!

Complete Upheaval

The program of works has begun and at the moment I'm sitting on the only free chair in the house, everything is covered in dust sheets, my kitchen units are in the middle of my kitchen, the bummer of it all is that I didn't ask for this to be done, I just want them to leave us alone. No one could live in this situation never mind run a business!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I took this last night using only the ambient light and after a little lightroom magic here she is, bless her, she's cheering me up today, it's just been stress with a capital S today as the house renovations have begun. Today was asbestos removal day and I'm now the proud owner of several large holes in my walls!!

Tommorrow is the removal of the ducted air and the installation of the gas central heating, total nightmare and then Friday is the total rewire which promises to be like something from a horror movie! The house won't be complete until December 16th and already I'm having moments of utter madness. Today a big parcel of Christmas presents arrived and I have no storage for them, arGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

It's going to be bumpy!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Remember Remember the 5th of November...

Because it's the first day in ages that I've taken literally loads of photos just for fun, now then, much as I would like to include them all on my blogette, I fear dear reader, you would be bored in 5 seconds flat so feel free to click on one of the featured photos and you'll be transported to flickr where you can see the whole collection of yesterdays offerings!!

So faves from yesterday

Looby having a 5 minute photoshoot in the garden, cute even with a bumpy chin!

Looby actually eating cous cous in the kitchen for tea, guess I'm holding this one as evidence!!

Iain in very very very low light demonstrating that my new lens is awesome!!

Couldn't end the post without some fireworks now could I?

Now I don't claim to be a fireworks photographer so forgive me but I quite like them and once again my new lens did an awesome job with only the fireworks for light, ooh and I shot at 400iso so virtually no noise which I think is pretty impressive!
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