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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On being busy and unexpected disasters

Well after yesterdays post you all certainly took me seriously and I booked 4 photoshoots in the space of an hour yesterday, Yes indeed I am looking forward to every single one of those! Today though we've had joiners here making more mess and disrupting us even more, please hope tommorrow is the last major day of disruption, It's kitchen upheaval day tommorrow, after that we should be able to start thinking about decorating, I've already got a couple of tester pots and a bag full of paint charts!!

We've had a major disaster today, this morning as Paul attempted to take the children to school he discovered that the car wouldn't drive forwards and well it's not exactly practical to drive everywhere in reverse so we called good old Green Flag who sent a lovely man who in a calm manner told us that it was our cylinder head gasket, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, we drive this teeny Hyundai Atoz + it's an S reg and pretty much gets us everywhere, we're a bit devastated to know that it would cost more to fix the car than it's actually worth so we're tommorrow paying the princely sum of £250 for an L reg Golf which will hopefully get us through to the new year. I can kind of manage without a car as I have an assistant who does all the driving to weddings but as I can't have consultations in my kitchen at the moment we really don't have any option plus Paul definetly needs a car for his business! Oh well, lets be positive but can I just ask any potential clients to be put off by our sad old car, I promise it's no reflection on my photography, strange thing is that I now own lenses that are worth more than the car!!

Tommorrow should be a better day!

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