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Friday, June 30, 2006

So much to tell...

You may or may not know that next weekend at the little craft forum I co-own (Craft Kingdom) is our Strawberry Tea Party Cyber Crop, this is an event which we hope will raise lots of money for Breast Cancer Research. We have so much going on with Classes in Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and altered art, we also have a party, a quiznight and lots of challenges in which you can win the most fabulous prizes.

We just received official confirmation that Ellison Design have agreed to give us a £100 voucher to use on their site Ellison Design, this is a fabulous prize and would bag someone a fabulous new die cut machine or if you already have one, all the dies to go with it.

Also in our Prize haul we have a full set of Prima papers courtesy of my lovely Boss at HappyScrapper.

We also have a full set of artists mediums for altered art from SJ who owns the Fruit Pixie and even Do crafts have donated some prizes.

All you need to do is join up and come along, we love new members so what are you waiting for, there's still loads of prizes which haven't been revealed yet!

In home news, Abigail seemed better then got up this morning and was sick again, not entirely sure whether she's getting better or not as she's now sitting in front of the TV watching discovery kids, there's hope yet that she will get to grandmas tommorrow!

Well thats all for now so whereever you are this weekend I truly hope that it's a good one!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The sicky monster cometh.... Again!!

So the sicky monster wasn't quite finished with us, Yesterday he got Abigail with some aplombe and I've spent my night holding a rather large bucket (Yummm)

So I'm slightly tired this morning and I have therapy at 10 so I'll blog later with my continuing adventures in therapy.

so with nothing to blog about specifically, I'll leave you with 5 random thoughts :-

1. I have the Costco Heidi Swapp embellie pack YAY

2. The sun is shining and the sky is blue

3. I'm still in love

4. I'm still loved

5. Sicky Monster end your reign of terror before I get angry!

Oh and 1 last thing, Tim Henman was knocked out of Wimbledon yesterday beaten in straight sets by Roger federer who looks certain to win IMHO.

Come on Andy Murray today :)

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm so thrilled....

To reveal that I have a kit on sale at HappyScrapper, it's just been launched today and I'm quite excited, it was designed by me, teeheeee, I can't tell you how exciting it is to see something you designed on sale in a shop.

If you fancy making a paperbag book album showing all the fun you are going to be having this summer you can go buy it HERE

It's a really great price considering you'll still have loads of stash left at the end.

Scrapping really has changed my life and it wouldn't be right without a short note of thanks to Lyn for being a great boss and offering me this opportunity.

Wimbledon Wednesday!

Tim and Andy both got through their first round matches at Wimbledon successfully though Tim put us all through one of his mammoth matches once again.

I think today though he's doomed as he meets current champ Roger Federer who at the moment is looking pretty unbeatable, much as I would love it if Tim beat him, I have to say that I don't even think that there is the slightest chance of that happening.

Andy Murray may well get through his second match so we'll hang on to that hope for now.

Can someone please inform me what on earth is the point of FLOAM, the advert tells us "With Floam in your hands the fun never dies" and "Leave it to harden then keep it FOREVER"  Quite possibly one of the most infuriating adverts on at the moment and one of the most bizarre products for children ever!!!

Right must go and open my mail which has for some bizarre reason arrived apporximately 2 hours earlier than it usually does!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BookStart!! - A small gripe!!

Bookstart is a really great government initiative to get books to all the children under 4 in the country free books, pencils, etc.

Now then we went to a meeting at Nursery this morning to get Abigails treasure pack (the over 3's book selection) but OMG the chat was so patronising, do we really need to be told how important books are to children?  Do we really need to know that Drawing is essential?  Do we really need to be told that 3 yr olds like to colour in?

Surely all parents read to their children, let them draw and colour in, it's not like they are expensive activities, surely everyone has access to books atleast in this country.

I think the government tend to assume that we parents haven't got a clue what we're doing and whilst it's nice to make sure that every child under 4 has these free packs of books I think we would rather receive them without the patronising parental chat about how to be a good parent.

I think when it comes to Loobys turn to get her 3yr old book pack (she's just been to the Library and come back with her 2yr old one) we may have to actually have the talk with these library and child reading experts and invite them round to see our "library"  We probably have enough books to start a main branch never mind a book van!!

In summary I would like to say that just because your children are at nursery doesn't mean you have to treat the parents as three year olds too.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Wimbledon Time!!!

One of my most favourite televisual periods of the year has arrived, giving the world cup the right royal elbow Wimbledon arrives today complete with Strawberries, Cream and a spattering of Rain Stops Play.

There really is no other sporting event like this one and the hopes of Britain are resting upon the shoulders of this guy Andy Murray.

This guy is everything that Tim Henman isn't, he's calm, cool and sometimes he's the exact opposite, I know that Tim still has a chance but really if he was going to win it I think he already would have.  Andy Murray may not actually win Wimbledon this year but I think given a few more years of experience he's got a fantastic chance.

Should Tim Henman actually prove me wrong, I'll be chuffed as mintballs as I think I must have watched every single Wimbledom match he's ever played in, I have been there in those matches which lasted for hours and hours, I have been there when he's been a set up gone down the next two sets and then pulled it back to win in the fifth, of course with Tim this is what happens time and time again.

Come on Tim, one last serious push, do it for your country!!

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Sometimes the Eyes say it all!

So this is the finished layout using the photograph I popped on my blog yesterday, this is one of those layouts which couldn't be bad because it started off with a base of an amazing photograph.

I'll be back later with my daily update.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's me!!!

Sadly I'm getting wrinkles so had to go for a soft glow rather than sharpening!!

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My favourite Subject.


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Argghhhh Help me!!!


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New Look, Damp Weather and Dr Who!!

I thought it was time for a change (what can I say, I have a low boredom threshold!LOL) and I thought I would go for something a little more grown up, although why I'm not sure as I'm not terribly grown up on a day to day basis and I certainly haven't decided what I even want to do when I grow up!

There has to e about 3 kazzillion templates that I've seen and loved and want to try so I reckon this is going to be a pretty regular feature.
Spikey, my little pet hedgehog has had to go away again as the columns weren't wide enough for him!! 

Thing is though with each template change I find there's more and more stuff I have to move accross, bonus is that I am learning bits of HTML which is handy considering I co-own a forum and am also in the process of buying my own website ( yes you heard it first), i have the domain name all picked out I'm just waiting for the lovely people at 123reg to tell me if I can do the things I want to do and how to do them.  I don't think there's any real chance of me being a computer genius! LOL
In other news of the day it's dark dank and flippin raining again, I think the correct term is Peeing it down or stronger words which I should really use at this time of the day, doesn't mean I don't think them though! LOL
My beloved daughters decided in their wisdom that 6am was a spiffing time to get up this morning, however the Maminator soon saw too it that Abigail was transported back to bed and Looby was given a blanket to lie on the chair whilst I lay on the settee till half past seven which was IMHO slightly more acceptable.
Dr Who was the best episode of the second series last night and next week it's the start of the two part season finale, me thinks that Rose may be doomed.  I fear I may have to reveal what happens though just for the simple reason that I know what happens at the end of Lost season 2 since all the lovely US bloggers saw it months ago!  Time for some good old British revenge!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mrs Henderson Presents

We watched this movie last night on Sky Box Office it cost us £3.75 and saved us going to the DVD shop, plus tehy just add it to our normal monthly bill which is an extra bargain and you know what I absolutely loved this movie, I would give it 8/10 it was tremendous fun, it was funny, frivolous and jolly good fun, as Mrs Henderson probably would have said, i recommend this movie for anyone who like a little mild debauchery, great movie I think for date night!

This morning the post arrived with a bumper thud, I received copies of Scrapbook Answers, Scrapbooks and Beyond, Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, papercrafts and the new Autumn Leaves freestyle book, what fantastic reading material I have to consume, sadly none of it is british but sadly our british scrapping publications whilst getting better still aren't up to the standards of the american mags, plus the fact that the US ones actually cost less than the british ones and are generally weightier.

Don't even mention Creative Scrapbooking which although promises that it would definetly be on sale and with subscribers yesterday still hasn't shown it's cover. Quite frankly I think the way that magazine debarcel has been handled is disgusting, I subbed from the very first issue and when it mysteriously disappeared I had to get my info from forums, I am still yet to receive a letter or any official confirmation that it has moved publishers and that my subscription would be honoured. This is one title I will not be renewing unless the new publishers have overhauled what was certainly a dying magazine anyway. One hope is that Scrapbook Inspirations continues in the same veign its going, this mag really does continue to improve and inspire and also I see hope that TSBM might also be up there soon, Make Kirsty Wiesman (sp?) the editor if they want my advice, IMHO she's the most talented scrapper this country has and surely the most famous, I admire her work and her photography and it's about time she got even bigger recognition.

Right, I have a date with a large mug of coffee (as soon as Hubby brings some back from the shop) and a pile of US reading goodness!

Oh and BTW I got wrong off Hubby last night for not linking to him everytime I mentioned him!, click on that blue link up there and be transported to his 30 minute meandering!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Friday

Well can you beleive it, I actually made it to Friday and nearly have my sanity in tact.

Ebay was indeed the expected disaster I feared with the craft supplies making me a whole £5.50, well thats only around £44.50 ish short on what they cost me in the first place, the good thing though is that I know the buyer and know that they're going to a very good and much appreciated home.

Iains games sold although not for as much as he usually gets but he's happy as it was enough to buy a nintendogs add-on for his DS.

Checked my bank balance this morning and it once again laughed at me, leaving £60, this I'm veiwing as an improvement on last weeks £40 to last 7 days, atleast this time it only needs to last till Tuesday and then we should be pretty much sorted, it would have been more if it wasn't for the gas and electric payment which is as ever completely extortionate, lets not even mention that Petrol is now nearly £1 a litre, I worry that it's just going to keep going up and up to the point that only the very rich will be able to afford to drive.  Thank goodness that we have a teeny economic car which doesn't destroy the planet everytime we use it.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday, he asked how I was I said I'm fine, really well feeling great to which he said "you do know this won't last, you'll be due to dip soon"  yes well I know that but it doesn't mean you should rain on my parade whilst I'm being positive!  I told him atleast I get to be happy and creative half the time, can you imagine if I was just plain depressed.

He also told me (harbinger of doom that he is!!) that therapy may well make me worse but again I had already kind of guessed that, I wonder which part of my intelligence he thinks got taken away when I was diagnosed with mental health challenges! LOL

So today the sun is shining and life could be worse (and it probably will be again) so for now lets bask in the sunshine and remind ourselves that we only have the dark times so we realise just how great the good times are.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

What's happened to Ebay??

Do you think that Ebay has had it's time, is it really possible to make your money on Ebay and similarly can you still pick up a bargain or two on Ebay?

I'm trying to sell some stuff which ends to day (Paulc855 if you're interested! LOL) and it's just doing appaulingly, I have never known stuff do so badly, I thought that I would atleast make enough to buy myself a sewing machine but quite honestly if I'm lucky I'll just make enough for the fees and for Iain to get himself a new game from the proceeds of the ones he's selling, thats the thing usually the games he sells do really really well but crikey even they are falling far short of the mark.

The worst thing is that I stand to lose an absolute fortune on the craft stuff I'm selling, I could have given it away to my friends and then atleast I would have felt a warm glow for a while instead of the agony of selling more than £50 of stuff for 99p.

If you're reading this today and you either buy or sell on Ebay what is your opinion I am really interested to know.

In other news it's Granny shopping day, refer to the previous post for my thoughts on that one! LOL

Looby dooby dumpling chops is back to full health and happily conversing in spanish with Dora and doing really well with the potty training, no more pull-ups Yay!  Kind of sad in a way though as it means my babies are starting to grow up.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blah Blah Blah.....

Today never really happened, I haven't been anywhere, I haven't done anything, I cacn't actually remember the last time I left the house though I suspect that it may have been Sunday!

Looby got much better, ate us out of house and home, I thik she consumed her entire body weight in Grapes alone!

Paul had a bad day with the paranoia, you know it's never going to be a good one when you get up and he's already scared that you're going to finish him off! LOL, we have to laugh or we would both cry!

Granny rang a couple of times just to make sure Looby was ok although ultimately (and I mean this is in the nicest way possible because I adore my granny) to make sure we could take her shopping tommorrow.

Granny Shopping is something which is unavoidable but has a tendency to make you want to gnaw your own fingers off.  Much as I love Granny, the way that woman can spend 5 hours in a supermarket is a talent in itself.  She tells me every week how she's on a diet and buys more cakes than a mum buying for a childs birthday party, she also tells me that she's buying them for guests and then says how she's never been out the house and no one has been to visit!

What also impresses both Paul and I is her talent for saying "well I'll not need much" and ending up spending more than the national debt of Ghana.

I do love my granny and you know what there's always the promise that when I'm 82 just as she does now, I'll do this to my grandchildren!  Mwahahahahaha

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5 reasons to smile

So I don't really have any major news this morning so I thought rather than not blog which I find terribly annoying I would pop what little news I do have into my list of 5 reasons to smile, maybe though I should join wordless wednesday as I never seem to have anything to blog about on Wednesdays!!

5 Reasons to smile.

1. Looby is ten time better this morning than she was yesterday.

2. England drew last night, came top of their group in the world cup and are through to the next round.

3. it's only ten past nine and mostly all the boring chores are done.

4. It's only 2 more days till we're not broke anymore

5. I'm still alive, I'm still in love and my Hubby still loves me!

Ok so technically that last one was 3 reasons in 1 but hey, it's my list :D

I doubt today will bring much adventure as we're just going to be at home watching over Looby and making sure she feels a lot better.

Whereever you are today and no matter how you feel, think about 5 reasons to smile today!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

He works at the bank

He works at the bank

I've just finished this altered art piece, it's made with old bank notes one of my favourite things to use in altered art.  the photocard came from a flea-market and I think he does have the look of a bank manager.

It's been aged and distressed (like me!!) to make it look older, the frame itself is cut from mountboard and once the money has been cut, filed, inked and chalked it's then had a coat of diamond glaze over the top which is why it's shiny.

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The sicky monster cometh...

Ah children, the wonder that they bring and sometimes unfortunatley they bring their sick with it.

Poor Looby isn't well at all, she complained of a sore mouth last night and half an hour after popping her in our bed she managed to empty the entire contents of her stomach all over my sheets, matress and pillows!

Lovely eh, whats even lovlier is that darling Hubbysworth didn't clean the sick off before he popped them in the washer, so this morning as I shake out the sheet to pop it out to dry out falls lots of compressed and newly washed sick (mmmmm yummy)

Anyway back to Looby, she fell asleep on the settee so off we popped her in her own bed this time, and just as I was dosing off to sleepy town, I hear her coughing, I managed to get there in time for her not to be sick in her bed, sadly though she was sick all the way along the landing and stopped just before we got to the bath. Good O more carpets to clean.

More vanish powerspray and you learn the reason these companies make their money.

She ended up sleeping in our bed and Paul slept on the settee and I slept with a dish so that every warning sign I could put her head over the dish.

My poor baby isn't well at all, she's asleep on the settee at the moment, I'm hoping that she'll stop being sick soon or I'm calling the doctor out, usually they won't come though until a child has been like this for 24 hours.

Today spare a thought for the sicky children everywhere and spare a thought for the mummies and mommies cleaning it up afterwards!!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Catching Up

So, here's the thing -

I finally got around to finishing off some home decor today, I painted the back of the breakfast bar and finished it off with some herb decals which look scrummy, meanwhile I sent himself to try and finish stripping the downstairs toilet.

1. I say catching up, these things have stood unfinished for around a year, just after we moved in, I lost all my energy and it's taken till now to get it back

2. Arghhhhh the downstairs Loo, well the first layer is bad, Pink painted woodchip but the underneath layer is just appauling, blue floral 60's waterproof paper, now this baby aint leavin town without a fight, it's coming off kicking and screaming and even spending 3 hours a day in this teeny room stripping in a manly type way with water, steam, scraper it could be weeks before it gets back to the bare walls!

My future plans if we ever get to the bare walls is to use all my unwanted Scrapbook papers (12x12) and create a collage effect and then varnish with a waterproof varnish.  It's going to be arty and creative and I think I might just love it.

But you know the best part, when they're wheeling me out in my wheelchair at the age of 90, I can say to the new residents, Ooh have fun decorating the downstairs Loo, I'll smile a malicious old lady smile and know that paper will last possibly till the end of time!

Being Old truely will be a time when I get revenge Big-style!! Mwahahahahaha

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Too Darn Hot

I love the summer, I love the sunshine but what I don't like it is the humidity, just this last week it's been overcast nearly every day and at the same time intensely muggy.  I'm really not liking this weather since my hot flushes began, I'm assuming that the HRT is having a good effect in every other area as I haven't had the urge to kill for a while but when it comes to counteracting the hot flushes it's doing zippedy zip zippo.  I'm now only wearing mascara as any attempts to wear foundation result in me melting like the wicked witch of the west at the first sign of a flush!

Also on my mind today is the fact that some of my favourite programmes are coming to an end, it's the Desperate Houswives finale on Wednesday and then what will I do all summer, also the West Wing is just about to end, now that really will be the end of an era as hubby and I have watched in from the very first episode.

Lost meanwhile is now mid series and continues to leave me more lost as every week passes, just when you think you are going to get an answer you get another 5 questions and lets face it 4 of those will probably never be answered!!

There is one great televisual event coming up though next week, my most fave sporting event of all, Wimbledon, 2 weeks of unadulterated Tennis and probably some rain thrown in for good measure!  I'll blog about it nearer the time but for now the promise that it's coming lets me see some light in the dark tunnel that is The World Cup!!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Battle of the Blogs!

I've just beaten my Hubby of 30 minute meandering fame on Battle of the Blogs over at Blog Explosion.

The best thing is I'm happy because I won, and he's happy because he lost as he's trying to get into the worst 50 battlers!!


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Shots of today

Feel free to click for a bigger and better image!

So this was pretty much my day today -

Morning at a new park we'd not been to before but we'll definetly be going again as it was brilliant, sadly I only got 1 shot before my batteries died!

Then came home, tidied and did chores (The Bores)

Went in the garden amidst the rain to catch a photo of the droplets upon the lupin leaf.

The kids played camp in the kitchen with a blanket over the table and Looby tried hard with Potty training.

Also baked Dora cakes for after tea.

Not the most exciting day in the world but Hey it could be so much worse!!

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Not another mental health post???

So I'm back from the park, we went to Ridley park where they have a water play area and the girls had their swimming costumes on and got wet, well Abigail did, Looby wasn't so sure but it was a little overcast and muggy, maybe when we go back in the summer holidays and the sun is shining she might be a little more convinced.

So I was thinking about stuff whilst there, I'm getting much better at that type of stuff! LOL

Anyway, here's the thing over the years I have had several psychiatrists and several different diagnoses, my most recent before coming back to the bi-polar thing ( an d oh how we kept coming back to that one) was one of Aspergers, mostly due to the fact that my son has AS, thing is though although we share quite a lot of characteristics, it never seemed to fit.  Here's the thing though, According to the psychiatrist in the US and their manual of statistical diagnosis for mental health, there are several levels of Bi-polar whereas the manual in this country only specifies if you are or you aren't and usually they don't like diagnosing people unless it's severe, which leaves people like me floating around not exactly fitting anywhere.  Anyway my Psychiatrist is happy to say that I have mild Bi-polar although it has varied in severity over the years, like for instance due to hormonal factors, hopefully I've done about as much as I can towards getting rid of that one though since my Op!

So thats me and my mental health, sometimes we get along and sometimes we disagree but whatever happens i can always depend on my mental health being there for me!! :D

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Bi-Polar planet

I received an invite to join the Bi-polar planet webring by Jane of Tarzan Loves Jane

Seems like it's good time to do this with me starting therapy!

There's a lot of it about in my family, My Aunt is Bi-polar and so is her Daughter but we're not allowed to speak to them, Mum doesn't like that side of the family and funnily enough she always says that I didn't get my genes from Her side of the family.

I remember my mum telling me to go to see a psychiatrist and tell them I was Bi-polar, sadly not because she cared but so that she could feel better about herself, i.e it's not her fault it's because I'm from the wrong side of the family.

I also realised that I shouldn't be scared of posting stuff on the off chance she discovers my blog or my forum, after all what is she going to do about it, stop speaking to me, disown me, she's already done that more times that I care to remember.  is it any wonder that Hubby calls her the second head of bealzabub (sp?) !!

Ok rant over, I think I'm taking the kids to the park now!

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Happy Fathers Day

It's that day again when we tell our daddies just how much we love them, the kids have been wanting to tell daddy just how much they love him since 6.15am!!!

I'm thinking he wouldn't have appreciated being woken at that time on the first day for ages when he's having a lie in.

According to Abigail Daddy would love it more if we woke him up early, hmmmm I'm thinking this may not be the case!

So in honour of my hubby here's 5 reasons Paul is a great dad -

1. He's got up every morning without question with the kids since the week before my operation (well except today!)

2. He reads the children their bedtime story every single night.

3. He's been doing bathtimes since my op as I'm still not allowed to lift the kids

4. He takes the time to go and play playstation with Iain (this would drive me insane)

5. He gives the children far better tickles than I ever could!

Paul you are a great father to our kids and it's another in the myriad of reasons I love you :)

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


You find yourself crafting the strangest things!!

I'm trying the toilet training thing with Looby at the moment but she's not having any of it, not because she's not ready but because she is stubborn, independant and a little minx!

So here we have the Dora the Explorer chart with removeable stickers and for every wee and Poo she'll take a sticker off the blue bit and pop it in the chart.  Hopefully we'll be finished with Huggies before we get to sticker number 35.

I think it's obviously affected my thinking though as I did a ste of ATC's this afternoon with childrens TV characters on them!  They're for a swap so I can't share yet but I wonder if the children finally have destroyed my last brain-cell!

Just click on the piccy for a much bigger veiw!!

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Date Night and 5 wishes

Paul and I took time off last night, we switched off the TV, disconnected ourselves from the wonderous internet and had a couple of drinks in the garden, it was one of those times we needed to catch up, regroup and generally put the world to rights, or rather I did whislt Paul did much Bonsai work!

This morning the girls are off to grandmas for the day, Iain will go tommorrow as mum can't handle them all at once!

Anyway that basically means a day when I can immerse myself in arty crafty projects and thank heavens for that, I hate haveing to get everything out just to put it all away again an hour later for fear of the children wrecking it so every once in a while it's nice to be able to have my stash out for an extended playtime!

5 Wishes:-

1. I wish that Paul didn't have paranoia or depression

2. I wish that my hot flushes weren't quite so hot

3. I wish that I always felt as happy and well as I do at the moment

4. I wish my parents understood why we need a break occasionally

5. I wish that someone would babysit all three so we could go out for a real date

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Art for Arts Sake!!

Sometimes it can be difficult to break free from the normal constraints of scrapbooking, I don't really have a problem with it until you say deface photos (OMG WHat??????) So Cubby challenged me to "alter" a photo and use it on a layout, now then I couldn't bring myself to use a photo of thwe children but so I thought I would use one of Darling Hubby instead! and so I give you "What"

The journalling reads "When Paul gets this look its' usually due to one of the children saying Daddy, Daddy, Daddy"

As you can see i've given him a splendid blue shirt which IMHO he suits better than the original black one! LOL also painted out the background which was a little distracting.

It's Art for Arts sake Dahlings!!!

More Broke than a Chocolate fireguard!!

Oh dear, the bank don't seem to like me very much today, every once in a while the laws of fate conspire against me and everyone seems to want paying for bills all at once, usually this week in the month we're a little financially embarrassed but this morning I find that we have around £40 to last till next Friday, not exactly the best scenario when you have 3 children!

It could be worse I suppose, atleast all the bills are paid and we mostly do have enough food for a week, well I'm saying that, we have 1 whole shelf of the freezer which is empty so I reckon I better fill that.  Also I think we're going to need several supplies of Saladry as I like to call it, it's all we're eating at the moment, we seem to be eating a different type of salad followed by fruit salad for every single meal.

I reckon we may have a BBQ at some point over the weekend if it's nice as we already have the stuff anyway, we got it last weekend and ended up popping it all in the freezer as by the time we got home the kids were all far too tired to eat, blimey it was only 5pm


Things we have to look forward this week ( I can remind myself of this list in dark moments)



Salads and the healthy lifestyle that brings with it.

Going for walks in the park

Grandma day tommorrow for the girls ( it's been 3 weeks since they last went)

Scrapbooking  ( I have enough supplies to last me till the end of time)

Spending time in the garden surrounded by all the flowers most of which are just blooming

Only 7 days and we'll not be broke!!

Well atleast thats 8 points which may keep me going as things may get tense, whilst I don't mind being stuck at home, Paul will loathe and detest every single moment.

On another note entirely Therapy was tough yesterday.  I can't really go into why as these days my parents are on the net and frankly it's just not worth it.

Funny though how you can still find yourself getting so upset about things which happened years ago.

If I come out the other side of this and know how to handle my life maybe I'll be able to share without worry of retribution.

One thing I do know though is that the Tryanny will not stop just because I stand up against it, well not for a few years anyway.

It seems even though I now have this diary, I still don't have somewhere I can be completely free from worry about the consequences of sharing personal information.

This road of therapy that I have begun walking up is going to be quite a trek, lets just hope that by the time I'm finished I can run down the other side!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Therapy

Yes it's that time of the week again when I look deep inside myself and try to work out if indeed my therapist is nuttier than I am.

I think the answer to that is probably a resounding yes!

Not really much to tell everyone, I thought that Desperate housewives was brilliant last night and I can't wait for the double episode finale next week, I'm still getting over the shock that Tom was indeed having an affair, I thought Tom and Lynette were the steady couple, it's a shame that in the interests of TV that nearly all marrieds end up having an affair and I'm sure that this isn't actually a reflection of what goes on in society or should I start worrying?

Also loving Big Brother and "The State of Susie" genius move I thought although it does kind of confirm that Susie was pre-picked to go in the house and not randomly grabbed!

Right I need to go and be at one so as to prepare to look inside myself!  Blimey thats quite a scary thought if it's anything like my house it's going to be quite messy in there!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ok so I've finally done a layout, seems like ages, actually it's probably less than a week.
So here we have Lovely Looby doing one of her favourite things!

I used the fabulous Prima paper which came from HappyScrapper, still the only retailer in the country to stock it, I can't get enough of this paper it's just fabulous!

Also used a fabulous Heidi Swapp chipboard alpha and a trusty white gel pen!

Next photo is a rose in my garden this evening, actually this is the same rose I posted a piccy of the other day, whilst it was just about to burst into bloom.


On a Big Brother note, lets all chant together "get grace out, get grace out, get grace out" hee hee! Posted by Picasa


This is a new browser which makes it even easier to blog, you can have your photo account zooming accross the top of your browser, you click blog this to open a window which lets you blog, it's a lovely thing, it's in it's Beta form at present so not everything is working yet, for instance, I can't seem to get my flickr account to work with it but my photobucket one is working just fine and it's kind of nice to have my photos along the top of the browser.

I think one of the other nice things is that it imported all my firefox stuff straight away so no having to go and replace live bookmarks and suchlike which frankly would have been a pain in the rear as i have so many of them!

If you are a blogger then this is almost certainly going to be the best browser you have ever experienced.

Check out FLOCK now

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The case of the missing sandal!

So here's the thing, last week around friday one of Loobys sandals suddenly disappeared of the face of the earth, we hunted the house high and low and couldn't find the missing sandal anywhere, finally yesterday we gave in and took her for some new summer shoes as we didn't want her little tootsies to melt in the heat, we got her some smart little lilac canvas shoes which she loves.

So here's the killer,Abigail got up this morning and said she had a dream about Loobys missing sandal and if she could remember what the dream had told her she would be able to find it, off she went upstairs and comes down 2 minutes later having found the runaway footware.

So it's got to be some kind of capatalist conspiracy right, some government ploy to make sure that I keep the shoe manufacturers in business, or could it be that Looby has desires to become the next Imelda Marcos and is sneakily starting a huge shoe collection, (I'm sure at 2 and a half she has a bigger shoe collection than me!)

Or could it really be some kind of paranormal activity, so the poltergeist moves the shoe and then sends psychic messages to my daughter who is clearly destined to go on talk shows as some kind of paranormal shoe finding psychic, I have to wonder dear readers if this would too work with missing socks, surely then she would make millions in a very short space of time and I could retire to somewhere hot and sunny!

Answers on a postcard please....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome back Spikey :)

Just as I was going out earlier who should show up at my virtual door?

It's Spikey Spikerson back from the family reunion and sporting a whole new hairdye, he looks well don't you think?

Also I've added some new blogs to my links, we have the lovely Kirsteen who is one of my loveliest online buddies and co-owner of the Craft Kingdom.

Then we have Celfyddyds Blog, she's quite possibly my most favourite magical elf in the whole rip-roaring universe.

Both those bloggies are new so stay with them and see how they develop!

Then I added Life in the Corner which is one of the funniest blogs ever, it's the daily bloggings of a 2.5 year old who spends more and more time in the naughty corner, check it out it's hilarious!!

So do you like my new Outfit?

So I found a new outfit courtesy of someone much much cleverer than me, thanks to the lovely person at Free blogger templates for this wonderous and much summery look and actually though I was terrified of doing it, it wasn't so bad, I saved the original template in a word doc just in case and then pasted the new one in and then just copied and pasted all my links and things, I'm quite chuffed with the new look though I kind of liked my big family banner!

OOh and I won a battle of the blogs contest last night by 10-5 can't begin to tell you how happy I was about that, it really gave a girl with self esteem problems a boost bigger than you can imagine! :)

5 Random thoughts

I have nothing much to tell today so I thought that I would just share 5 random thoughts :-

Why did my children dig a big hole in the grass of my back garden yesterday? When I ask them to do stuff they always seem to have some reason for not being able to!

I really hope that this weather holds out for the whole summer, I am so much happier when it's sunny.

I'm really trying hard to be a better wife and mum, I wonder if I'll know when I have achieved enough.

Will the darned swelling from the Op ever go down, I hate my body so much at the moment.

Looby is now nearly 2 years and 9 months old and still refuses to use the potty or even show an interest in potty training, I'm starting to really worry about this.

Photograph is Looby enjoying the sunshine on saturday.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hot and Sticky :O :O :O

You have no idea how humid it is outside at present, it's dull, dark and about 20c, it's the humidity thats a killer though, I woke up with a stonking headache all due to the atmospheric pressure and the fact that there was little to no air in our bedroom last night.

We had a lovely evening catching up with Lost, West Wing and Human Trafficking and by the time we got to bed I was ready to fall into a cool bed, sadly that was not to be, it was rediculously hot and sticky, I tought about sleeping on the settee at several points throughout my restless sleep but there's not much escaping from the heat anywhere, we have the window flung open as wide as it can get in the livingroom at present and I'm still sticky!

Ahh I can see the postman with a pizza-box, I'm off to get my goodies!! LOL

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This rose is just about to burst forth with it's fragrant bloom and I think that is one of the most exciting parts of nature, this is a new rose to us you see, we rescued it from a garden centre for 50p and even back then Paul knew how much promise it had, a couple of month later and just look at it, nature really wows me.

Anyway I got to thinking about the seasons, I really can't decide on a favourite season anymore, there used to be no contest I love snow and therefore winter was always my favourite season, an obsessive love of Christmas may have had a lot to do with that though.

Then i love spring and the bursting forth of new life, daffodils, snow drops, tulips, lambs, chicks and kids, the sight of them makes me hopeful.

As for summer, well the glory of the nature is truly apparent in the beauty of the trees, leaves and flowers on a sunny day it lifts your heart and fills your head with wonder and awe.

Autumn I suppose is the saddest season but still the oranges and reds bloom on until late October and the trees in all their splendour losing their leaves give way to vast carpets of reds and browns, crisp cool walks in the wood taking photographs and leaf kicking.

I guess in the end every season has it's own appeal, the next time you walk, notice the beauty of nature and how it makes you feel and thank Mother nature for all she's ever done.

Just beautiful

The Osteospurmum outside my backdoor, ten minutes ago! Posted by Picasa


finally got a photo of the kids all together at one time! They were messing about in the pool yesterday and I got this, it's not perfect but it's about as good as you get with my three! Posted by Picasa

Another Scorcher!!!!

Yes it looks like being another scorcher of a day in Newcastle!

It's currently aroun 20c and rising and I would probably expect it to get up to about 30c in our back garden before the sun hides behind the shady trees at about 1.30pm.

Made it to town yesterday ( HURRAY) bought loads of stuff but then I figured that after giving up smoking for 4 weeks and 3 days (4 days today) I deserved it.

Bought the girls an inflateable paddling pool and boy did they love that yesterday, it was just what the doctor ordered to keep us all from getting hot and bothered.

Talking of hot and bothered this weather seems to be having a bad effect on Iain, he's up in his room throwing stuff about as we speak, it's getting to that time of year again where routines get thrown out of the window and I think as per usual his aspergers brain can't handle it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Yes once again up here in the frozen north it's looking like being a Sunshine extravaganza again, I can't beleive we've had nearly a week of sunshine.

England play their first match of the world cup today, GROA>>> Oh sorry I mean Yay (just incase hubby is looking ;) )

Actually I am planning on taking my agoraphobia firmly in hand today and taking Abigail to town for sandals, I figured Paul could drop me off and then I could get a taxi home which would mean that I avoid the most terrifying part ( The bus Ride) plus we could do a bit of girly shopping, have lots of cake and maybe go to Lakeland for a nosey at the craft stuff, I say nosey as it's usually far too expensive to think of buying although they are doing the newer K&Co stuff which is pretty much expensive whereever you get it so you never know I may still come back with some crafty bits.

I would like to have BBQ at some point today, we were supposed to be having a family world cup day but as it was supposed to be Pauls job I doubt it will materialise, what he gives in loveliness, he lacks in organising events such as this!

I hope dear reader that you all have sunny saturdays, oh and as an aside, I did my first battle of the blog last night on Blog Explosion and lost by 11-4 which must mean that actually my blog is pretty dire. if you come accross me today and don't like my blog, can you tell me why so that atleast I could improve it somewhat!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The official World cup post

Ok, I think it's about time I do this:-

I hate the world cup!

I hate football, I don't like footballers, I don't understand why people watch football or play it or support it, to me it's all pointless and I would rather chew on my own eyeballs than watch 1 single match of the World cup.


I married a man who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps football and if I want any kind of sex life in the next 5 weeks then I have to show willing!


We'll watch the first match tonight, Germany vs Costa Rica, we'll have a family world cup party tommorrow for the kids (and hubby!) and we'll watch the England Match tommorrow and every other England match just to keep hubby happy.

We have made arrangements for him to set up the portable (probably in the kitchen) so he can watch any other matches of interest.

Great wife or just scared of no Nookie for 5 weeks?

You decide!!!

Hurrah for Friday :)

Ah, the leafy lupin, one of my favourite leaf formations, can't wait till it gets it's flowers on!

Yesterday was definetly a better day, things are still a little tense at Camp Charlton but I definetly think things are starting to get better.

I scrapped my little sockies off last night and came up with 2 layouts for a class which I am delighted with, from nowhere they seemed to burst forth and I breathed a huge sigh of relief that my mojo had returned! If you want to see them then you'll have to come along to the Strawberry tea party at the Craft Kingdom from the 7th- 9th of July and it's all in aid of breast cancer research!

Have I got a great shopping offer to tell you about, if you get down to HappyScrapper from now until midnight and pop the code Beckham in at the checkout, you'll get a rip-roaring footie-tastic 10% discount, they also offer free P&P on orders over £5 (after discount) so there really is no better time to go and stock up on your scrapping and crafting goodies!

Well it's another beautiful and sunnier than sunny day so hopefully today will be hot and moreover Happy!

Have a great weekend and boys, don't forget to tell your gals you love them in between the world cup matches!

(to comply with equal rights ect feel free to substitute the above statement with gals for boys and vice versa and also gals and gals and guys and guys!!)

Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is another flower which has just arrived in our back garden, I wish you could see this photo large and close-up as it's just lovely!

I was taking photos of all pauls bonsai for him tonight but managed to get in a few shots of my own of the flowers and plants which I'm loving at the moment.

I got accepted for therapy (Finally) and so have commenced on a year long course of therapy (may be 18 months) it's once a week at 10am every thursday, I'm so ready for it, it's 10 years since I intitially requested it so you can't say I haven't waited long enough to get it.

I really feel like this time next year I'll be at one with myself and can finally put some of my awful past which haunts me out of the way once and for all! Posted by Picasa


This Osteospurmum which is beside my backdoor is just starting to have it's first stretch and will be fully open to greet the warm summer sunshine tommorrow! Posted by Picasa

"Summer Lovin, happened so fast"

LOL, couldn't think of another decent title so I pinched the one from Grease which has nothing to do with my life at the moment at all, it is however still summer up here in the usually frozen north east of England!

I note that the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly and it's already far too warm to be sitting in the house.

Off to my real psychotherapy appointment this morning and I have even more to tell them now than I did the othe day, i wonder if 1 year of treatment is going to be enough! LOL

I realised something poigniant for the first time yesterday and it's this:-

On the whole in my marraige I give Paul an easy time, I have him up on a pedestal and still adore him in the same way I did when we married 6 years ago. The thing is though that it's unlikely he'll ever fall off as compared with my last husband who was a wife beating Moron Paul is a veritable Angel.

On the other side of the fence I am Pauls first real adult relationship, he was 24 when we met and still vary much a lad, one of the boys, his main thoughts were footie, drinking and ladies, so I guess for Paul he's no idea of just how awful some relationships can be and because he seeks perfection and I am less than perfect I am never going to be the same to him as he is to me. Paul saved me from myself, from a myriad of bad relationships, from an awful life but what did I save him from, nothing really I just stopped all his fun, gave him a plethora of new problems and promised him a hugely difficult relationship, so I guess no matter how hard I've basically got no chance.

I just hope that one day he'll see that it could be much worse and there are people who he could be having relationships with who would hurt him and stomp on him and take away his very being without a second thought, it's not until you have been on that side of the fence that you understand that.

Tell someone you love them today, try to look past all the faults and remember it could be so much worse.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday Woes!

So I went for my psychotherapy appointment only to find that I had gotten the day wrong, so I have to go again on Thursday morning, I am so forgetful at the moment, I had it on the calendar as the wrong date as well. That was my day of to a really bad start yesterday, I cried most of the morning, had a huge row with Paul who is spikier than a hedgehog at the moment, then last night we chatted and he was kind of supportive and I told him I had regressed to my agoraphobic state where I don't want to go out and see people and if I am out i'm terrified that everyone walking towards me is going to attack me. Then this morning I asked him if he was taking granny shopping and he kicked up a big fuss about it, now I know we discussed it last night and he was fine so I don't know what has changed over night, honestly sometimes at the moment it's challenge just to keep breathing.

On the positive side today is wonderfully sunny and I'm pretty sure that it's going to be another scorcher, I'm off to the garden in a mo with my sunglasses and my comfy seat, hopefully all of that sunshine will help me to feel better.

Honestly I don't want to go on about the difficulties I am having with my own self at the moment because I'm having trouble figuring them out myself, hopefully some clarity will arrive soon and guide me along.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So I've been on a waiting list for psychotherapy now for a year and a half and after my psychiatrist chased it up for me I received a letter to go for a reveiw appointment which is basically where you go and offload, they check you are still as needy and mad as you were the last time and agree to keep you on their waiting list, honestly it's like trying to get into some sort of exclusive club and it frustrates me endlessly, I had to go through three sessions a year and a half ago just to determine whether I was a suitable candidate and don't get me started on the forms, I filled in a gynormous questionairre before those sessions and I had a delivery of more forms at the weekend.

If anyone ever tells you that they are going for a course of psychotherapy (which BTW is 1 a week for an hour, for atleast a year) don't brush it off, just think of what they had to go through just to get to this point.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Just another Manic Monday!

Not the greatest photo in the world but just to prove that it was actually summer for a few hours here over the weekend.

It's dull and cloudy here today but again it's muggy, I really need to go and buy a fan today as the hot flushes are driving me suitably mad!

Mum and dad are off on their jollies today to auchenlaurie up on the southwest coast of Scotland, I hope they have good weather, Paul hopes that it rains constantly on mum for the entire week! :D

The kiddypoplets have gone back to school this morning so it's just me, Looby and darling darlingsworth and hopefully that means the the equilibrium will return!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Laugh, Love, Live

I can't get enough of those banana frog stamps, they're just a revelation and they have got me stamping my little stamps off and ordering ink pads???? who knew, It's not that long ago that I got rid of all those awful stamps, you know the ones, like Do-crafts and suchlike, anyway these stamps suit scrapping perfectly and I even tried a card with them the other night!

Quite happy with this layout, including the teeny weeny title! Posted by Picasa

Please Welcome

Ducky Waterford!!

Swingy Treeson didn't go down very well and so he swung off to someone elses blog, I thought that Ducky would like to come by and quack about, go feed him some bread, he's a little hungry!

Spikey Spikerson is having a lovely time at his family reunion and will be back in a couple of weeks!

Here's a photo from the reunion!!

Feeling much better!

Injection number 4 finally saw off that blinkin Migraine/headache from hell and finally I'm starting to feel much better, still feel a bit yucky and cloudy but much much better than I was in the last 24 hours.

5 things to look forward to in the next 5 hours ( well approximately 5 for any pedants amongst the readership)

Scrapping, finally going to get some scrapping done since I saw the headache off!

Lost 9pm on E4 it's Lost night, love this as much as I hate it at the same time!

Human Traffic 10pm on sky 1, the second part of this compelling drama, the first part was on sky2 on thursday and had me hooked.

Teatime, I can't remember what I'm having for tea but I know it's worth waiting for! ( I walked past it when I was in the kitchen earlier)

Kiddypops bedtime, much as I love the little wonders there's nothing like the peace and quiet when Nick jnr finally gets turned off!

I hope dear readers that you have all had wonderfully relaxing weekends and that you enjoy all of the moments of the weekend remaining!


Is there a site called that? If there is it should just be a photograph of my head right now, it started as a migraine yesterday which after 3 injections has turned into an enormous pressure sitting on my forehead.

Normal blogging might resume if I ever get rid of this blasted thing!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Give a warm Blog welcome to....

Swingy Treeson!

Spikey Spikerson has gone on his holidays with all the other little purple hedgehogs in his family and so we have a new pet, a little purple monkey, what a sweetie eh, now go play with him and say hello, he'll swing from tree to tree!

Sunny Saturday

We awoke this morning to bright summer sunshine, we thought we better make the most of it and so rushed off to Whitburn near Sunderland and had a couple of hours on the beach, we only came home because we decided that we would have a BBQ.

So we got home, had BBQ, I had a nap as I have a migraine and sinusitus, unfortunately I still have an awful headache and now it's not sunny any more it's quite dull infact and the heavy clouds are rolling in, I suspect we may even get some rain before the end of the day, shame really as it all seemed to start so well, I don't think we'll get to the park now as I'm just feeling yucky so hopefully we'll get another sunny intermittion tommorrow and go off to the park then.

Whereever you are and what ever you are doing today dear readers I hope that the sun is shining and your spirits are high!
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Quiet Contemplation is quite often the key to success

A friend challenged me to create a layout using eyelets and never being one to refuse a challenge I came up with this and managed to use some of the gazillion eyelets I own! Posted by Picasa

Hot flushes

Those darned hot flushes managed to keep me awake most of the night last night, every 20 mins I jet off to some strangely hot country at the speed of light, only to end up cooling down just as fast and then feeling cold, so it's quilt on, quilt off...#

I don't think Paul slept too well either, can't be nice sleeping next to a radiator without a thermostat!

I'm wondering whats going on though, I have been on HRT since long before the op, for about 4 months now actually but since the op it doesn't seem to be working as well, I don't feel particularly depressed or agitated although I have noticed that at the moment when Paul bites (he a very irritated type) I seem to bit back instead of just ignoring it and not having any conflict, so just at the moment we seem to be arguing more than average, I know we still love each other at the end of the day because we're fine in every other department, it's just the snipey snappy bits we can't seem to get right but again I suspect that it will all end up having something to do with hormones or lack of them, I would go to the doctors but they clearely don;t want to see me, especially as Paul went for my normal repeat prescription, I was expecting a months supply till I see where I am, they have prescribed me 12 months supply and clearly have no interest in how I actually feel.

You'll be pleased to hear dear readers that it's wram and sunny in newcastle this morning, it looks like it should be a lovely sunny day so i'm off to get dressed in case I miss it!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Firefox or Internet explorer?

I realised something yesterday, I only ever access my blog through Mozilla firefox and my hubby usually uses IE which I personally hate, anyway for some strange reason I wanted to check something on my blog and used IE and my blog just looked odd, awful, untidy and odd, so if you want the best veiwing platform, please veiw me in Firefox!

Random photo is Looby, photo taken when we were in Scotland, looks better in black and white but you get the general idea, this is the untampered one.

Had to order most of my prints after I had doctored them from Photobox as my printer is past its sell by date, I really need a new one but the girls also really need bunkbeds and I'm kind of thinking that the bunkbeds might be a little more important.

Watching Big Brother last night I gave a huge cheer that both Seezer and Imogen were banned from voting, the plastic 4 really should just go now, they're so spiteful and not people I would get along with at all, anyway I would be far too ugly for Grace to be friends with :D

I'm hoping that Seezer will be evicted on friday but I think the law of averages dictates that it will probably be Lea who will go, she's slightly annoying but not in the same way as The others!!
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