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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So I've been on a waiting list for psychotherapy now for a year and a half and after my psychiatrist chased it up for me I received a letter to go for a reveiw appointment which is basically where you go and offload, they check you are still as needy and mad as you were the last time and agree to keep you on their waiting list, honestly it's like trying to get into some sort of exclusive club and it frustrates me endlessly, I had to go through three sessions a year and a half ago just to determine whether I was a suitable candidate and don't get me started on the forms, I filled in a gynormous questionairre before those sessions and I had a delivery of more forms at the weekend.

If anyone ever tells you that they are going for a course of psychotherapy (which BTW is 1 a week for an hour, for atleast a year) don't brush it off, just think of what they had to go through just to get to this point.


Anonymous said...

I tell all my woes to my teddy. No waiting list and I can vent as much as I like.

Hope you get on ok

O xx

jafabrit said...


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