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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The case of the missing sandal!

So here's the thing, last week around friday one of Loobys sandals suddenly disappeared of the face of the earth, we hunted the house high and low and couldn't find the missing sandal anywhere, finally yesterday we gave in and took her for some new summer shoes as we didn't want her little tootsies to melt in the heat, we got her some smart little lilac canvas shoes which she loves.

So here's the killer,Abigail got up this morning and said she had a dream about Loobys missing sandal and if she could remember what the dream had told her she would be able to find it, off she went upstairs and comes down 2 minutes later having found the runaway footware.

So it's got to be some kind of capatalist conspiracy right, some government ploy to make sure that I keep the shoe manufacturers in business, or could it be that Looby has desires to become the next Imelda Marcos and is sneakily starting a huge shoe collection, (I'm sure at 2 and a half she has a bigger shoe collection than me!)

Or could it really be some kind of paranormal activity, so the poltergeist moves the shoe and then sends psychic messages to my daughter who is clearly destined to go on talk shows as some kind of paranormal shoe finding psychic, I have to wonder dear readers if this would too work with missing socks, surely then she would make millions in a very short space of time and I could retire to somewhere hot and sunny!

Answers on a postcard please....

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Lyvvie said...

Forget the missing socks - where's those missing wallets full of cash? Bank heist millions stored in abandoned lock-ups or the perfect shade of red lipstick. Could she find that...for me? I'll pay...

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