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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday is nearly over..

Just Desperate Housewives at 10pm and then I can go to bed happy in the knowledge that I have survived another Sunday!!

Bank Holiday Monday tommorrow, Iain is going to his friends for the day and I think Paul and the girls are off to his dads, so I guess I'll be on my lonesome and hopefully doing a few layouts or some inky fingered pursuit, we'll just have to wait and see.

Photo is another shot from yesterdays trip to Kielder Water. I think it just looks so peaceful, don't you? :)


Meow, pass the milk please!! Posted by Picasa


The thing is dear reader that I am sure you are aware now that I don't care much for Sundays but instead of going on about it again, I thought I would just say Moooooo!

Anyway I doubt much will happen today, It's kind of dull outside at the moment and our Hot water is broken so we have to wait for an engineer to come out, can't believe we already had to wait 24 hours with it being the bank holiday weekend and everyone has far more important things to be doing, well yeah so do I but it would be kind of nice if I had some hot water to have a bath or wash the dishes, well actually I can do the dishes with a kettle of hot water but I hate to think how many it would take to fill a bath! LOL

The kids seem to want to go off to the park but then when do they not?! I wish I could remember that time in my life when the park was such a magical destination. It's sad some of the pleasures we lose as adults.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A tree!!

I loved this fabulous tree on our trip to Kielder so I took the obligatory photo and whilst I was removing a passer by with photoshop, I messed about with the levels and this is what I came up with!!

I think I kinda like it!!

Just 1 more

had to post this one, had to photoshop it first though as Paul had a pay here sign sticking out of his head, so here is is looking releived to be surgically removed from the offending sign! LOL

Kielder Continued

How can you tell I took loads of shots today, haven't actually done anything with them yet, just wanted to share them with you as we had such a lovely time.

Might be back later with an evening update if I make it past Dr Who! Would love to scrap but Looby has had 2 huge sleeps today so I can't see her being in bed till late. Oh and BTW the reason that Abigail is in the daffodils was because I was standing taking photos of the lone Duck and she decided that she would camouflage herself ala the nature programmes in the nearest bushes or in this case the crop of daffodils!!

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How refreshingly this place is, it's just breath-takingly beautiful, we did the forest 4x4 drive which was just amazing, took us an hour to go 12 miles but Oh my the sights we saw, it was just one of those fabulous family days, I do love Saturdays.

Back in a mo with a couple more photos!!
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Love a Duck!!!

Teeheehee, yes I was chatting with the duck here and he kindly stood for a few photos whilst we visited the beautiful Kielder Forest and reservoir today!!

More photos in two ticks of a shake!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday morning

It would be lovely if this was the scene in Newcastle this morning (maybe without the traffic rails) however it's actually rather more grey and cloudy with quite a fierce wind, oh and this is not outside my front window before you all get excited about where I live, this is on the Quayside and was taken by my dad early one summer morning a couple of years ago!!

So we in the Charlton Household are busy having our usual holiday weekend conversations which go "kids where would you like to go?" kids-"somewhere nice and fun" Us- "oh we don't have enough money to go anywhere like that!!"

I think we probably will make it out of the house today as if we stay in we just annoy each other and eventually get stir crazy, although I would rather stay home but thats just me! LOL Whereever we decide to go it had better be somewhere breathtakingly beautiful to look good in a photograph in this weather! LOL

I guess we'll end up at a National Trust place as per usual, after all whats the point of family membership if you don't use it, plus it runs out next month and we're not renewing till I recover from my surgery so it could be the last family NT trip till around August, I'll miss it but Iain will no doubt be releived as he hates the national trust, in fact it's fair to say that he hates most places due to the lack of living breathing Pokemon!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Quick update

Just a quickie update tonight as I have the head of stottingsbury!!

So just a couple of photos to share which came from my old computer, the first is our wee Cat Poppy, she's been with us for nearly a year now, This was one of our first photos, wasn't she a little cutey. Oh and then theres the fabulous Fughi, love taking photos of funghi and flowers, actually I'll take a photo of anything if it stands still for long enough!!

Lets all go

Come on then lets all go to Lets all go !!

Whoever they are they blogged about Paul yesterday and even little ol me got a mention and in the hugeness which is the WWW thats quite impressive, I'm going to link to lets all go in my links, why? I have no idea, who are they? Hmmm havent a clue, Whats the blog about? Well erm, no still a bit unsure, you'll have to check it out for yourselves in the blogsphere!!

Spikey Spikerson

Have you seen him, just above me flikr, be sure to go and feed him a strawberry, click on the "More" bit!! If you get bored you can always go over and see Claire's adopted cat at Snippets blog on my menu.

Very very cute indeed!

Iain has the poorlies!

Yes the poorlies have once again invaded and got Iain this time, he's too ill for school but not horribly ill which is good, I had a rather yacky night feeling sick and having a migraine so I went to bed at 8pm, took my injection then got up again for House at 9pm and then was back in bed at 10pm.

I was supposed to be escorting darling hubby to the hospital this morning as he's having tests on his kidneys, some of them not so nice but now I'll have to stay home with Iain and Looby and hope that he's ok and that they don't give him a sedative because sedatives and Paul don't mix, Paul only has to look at a sedative to be knocked out for 24 hours! LOL

This mornings photo was taken last July at Alnwick garden, for any of you who don't know it's the hemerocalis and only blooms for 24 hours before it dies, quite possibly one of the saddest floral stories I know! Atleast it got to be beautiful in it's incredibly short life though!

Well it's the start of another long weekend, it's the May day bank holiday on Monday so the kids are off again and then on Thursday it's the local election and Abigails nursery is being used as a polling station so another day off for her, blimey they seem to be off school more than there at the moment!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens

How can you tell I just moved about a thousand photos onto my laptop from my old PC today? My old PC hasn't got a DVD writer on it and these all need to go onto DVD.

This is the magnificent Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens which were designed by the duchess of Northumberland and remain one my most favourite of place to visit, I'll share more photos of this wonderous place with you over the coming weeks!!

Right thats the last one for now or you'll be bored!! Posted by Picasa

Angel of the North

This one is mine, I'm pleased to say, actually this one also sits in a large frame on the wall of my livingroom, for any of you who don't know the Angel of the North it's an amazing piece of art by Anthony Gormley which stands on a hill welcoming people into the North East, it's one of my favourite landmarks of the north, some people loath it, my mum being one of them but I just adore it, I love going up there really early in the morning to just be at one with the Angel and her mighty wings. Posted by Picasa

This is Newcastle

Thought I would share a few photos of where I live so that you would learn a little bit more about me dear reader. I wish that I could claim ownership of this photograph of bridges of Newcastle but sadly I can't!! LOL, It was actually taken by my dad who is a fabulous photographer, I think growing up with someone who is as obsessed with photography as my dad rubbed off on me, it's one of the reasons I scrapbook and take photos myself.

Thanks dad for being such a great inspiration!! Posted by Picasa

Time Flies

When you get lost in a new and interesting website, I spent almost the entire morning at you tube browsing an enormous collection of videos, yes some are CARP but there's some hidden gems, even on the ones I popped on my blog, you have got to just scan and see if you find something you like, the one which was from the Tony's is really good and I love to watch Idina and Kristin singing defying gravity, don't try to sing too much though or like me your vocal chords will end up splattered all over the kitchen windows! LOL

For anyone who doesn't know, I sing all the time, whenever and whereever I get the chance, i haven't sang in public for years now but I sing to the kids and they seem to like it and Paul doesn't complain either (actually Mr C is quite a good singer himself) I just love music and musicals but I'm guessing that you sensed that one! LOL

Longe before my obsession with Wicked I remember my childhood and seeing such wonders as "The sound of Music", "Oklahoma" and of course "The wizard of Oz" from the very first musical I saw I was entranced. I have been lucky enough to see several musicals live with some great cast members but of course the one I have yet to see is "Wicked" i am hoping to go and see it as soon as it opens though.

So I saw musicals from being wee and I started singing along as soon as I could remember some songs and once I started singing you couldn't stop me, my mum used to send me to the loft, she would tell me I couldn't sing to the point of me never wanting to sing anything in public at all, I was so scared that I sounded awful but years later as an Adult I began to be told that I could actually hold a note or two and now I'm not scared anymore. You must understand that Paul and I in our nutty period would have Kareoke sessions in our livingroom, but ah that was when we were young and slightly tipsy, these days we never drink at all but the singing goes on. Downstairs in our kitchen we play the Wicked soundtrack constantly, I got it about a year and a half ago sent over from the US as it wasn't available here, I don't even know if it is now.

I brain washed paul with it, with some kind of Osmosis it seeped through his skin and now he loves it as much as me, it's one of the loves which holds us together, for as much as we are similar we are also complete opposites, for 1 I can't have a converstation about Football, well I can but it usually ends, "football is rubbish, I hate it!!" LOL My own fault for marrying a footballer!


Yes I am more than a little excited to bring the following video clips to you all, you may have noticed that my videoplayer has changed somewhat and thats because the nice people at YouTube
have all manner of Wicked clips ready for me to show to you on my blog, yes there are 37 in total, you'll get to see all manner of Elphies and Galindas/Glinda (depending on what stage of the musical they are) I'm more than just a bit excited about this as quite often I ramble on incessantly about Wicked and how much I love it and now I can share all the highlights that I have found which is more than just a little bit thrilling, if this doesn't make you rush out and book tickets for the musical, I'll eat my Elphie Hat!! It should be stated that of all the Elphabas, my favourite and the lady who features on the soundtrack Idina Menzel is my absolute favourite!!

One man and his Trees

Last nights layout, another twirly whirly one, the journalling reads "One man and his trees, a relationship created by hard work, pruning, training, studying but most of all it takes time. The true sign of a bonsai master is a tree which outlives it's master".

In other news, there is no other news so I'll be back later when I get some! LOL Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Prima Heaven

I woke up this morning feeling soooo sleepy after being up during the night with Looby Lump, I needed a tonic and boy did I get one, I got to go and have a look at the Prima trade website and make my recommendations to HappyScrapper. Well dear reader, you know me and the humble Prima, I was in Heaven, I spent a good hour looking at them all whilst trying to email back my suggestions and not drool on the keyboard too much. Dear reader it will be an exciting day when they all arrive at HappyScrapper but I fear that more than a few of us will have empty bank accounts and aching credit cards.

Prima never fail to disappoint me, I heard a whisper on a forum today that Prima are planning to launch a range of 118 papers this summer, OMG can you imagine if they are even half as nice as all the flowery wonderfulness? I think I better start a savings account in preparation! LOL

In other news today nothing really actually occured, Looby is better than she was although she is still a little lollopy and hasn't eaten too much but she's still managed lots of cuddles and smiles and giggles.

I received my 30 free prints from photobox today, they have an offer if you sign up you get 30 free 6x4.5 in prints and it only costs £1.50 for the postage, also they take paypal which is a bonus. If you want to give them a go you can do it HERE

I'm not quite delighted with them and must say that even though it works out more expensive I prefer to print my own however I am a fussy B and the offer is still great value, they also have BOGOF on 7x5 and 10x8, I may be tempted to use them again but just until I can get a new printer. My Canon iP3000 has been a dream for the last year or so but now it's showing it's age, I'm hanging on till I'm out of hospital and then I am going to upgrade to the new one, the one which uses the chromalife inks. My dad has one and the colours are just amazing. I know it's more expensive buying Canon brand inks but I wouldn't use anything else for fear that my Layouts would outlast the photos, because quite frankly dear readers what is the use of that?!

Another night of scrapping beckons due to the arrival of the photos and then I'll be watching The Apprentice at 9pm on BBC2, I never watched the first serious but I am absolutely addicted to this one, I can only hope that Sir Alan (dog-eat-dog) Sugar finally gets round to firing the smugness that is Sayeed, from day one his complete stuck up his own bottomness (new made up word!) has irritated me no end, Please please fire him this week!! He's not big and he's not clever, he's got to go, in the words of Sir Alan "You're Fired"!!

W is for Wonder

Scrapped this fabby photo of Abigail last night, it was taken 2 years ago and I found it the other day, gave a big excited shreik and scrapped it. I'm quietly chuffed with this page, love the Winnies Walls papers by SEI, thats what the spirals are made out of as is the big W. I hadn't used Primas for ages but after this page I have fallen in love with them all over again.

Nothing much else to report, Looby Dooby Dumpling Pie is a bit better this morning, she says she is tired and poorly so she's had calpol and hopefully she won't be too poorly, she seemed to wake up everytime I was dozing off to sleep last night so I'm also a bit tired this morning, ah well thats the life of a mummy for you. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My little Buttercup is poorly

Looby had a big sleep today and when she awoke she really didn't want to do anything, she didn't want her tea but managed to eat some apple and grapes, then she lay on the settee, came for some cuddles and then finally fell asleep on the chair at 6.20pm, I thought that she wasn't her normal cheery self, no giggles today! It's very unusual for Looby to not be sunny, she loves it when I sing "My little Buttercup" to her. She's not complained though just quietly watched Dora and lazytown, we got her bike out of the outside storage now that the weather has improved but she didn't want to test it out, maybe tommorrow she'll be back to her normal cheeky self.

The photo is of her climbing along the back of the settee on Sunday, trying to avoid me taking photos of her as much as possible, I still managed to take atleast a hundred of her at the weekend! LOL, in the end every time I picked the camera up she ran and hid, even when it meant lying face down on the doormat!!

Paul and I have just had chicken breast, roasted vegetables and new potatoes for our grown up tea, it was delicious and nice to be able to enjoy dinner together, the children had theirs much much earlier enjoying Scrambled eggs on toast followed by apple and grapes and then finally some of their leftover Easter choccies, poor Looby couldn't even manage the chocolate bless her.

there's not a thing to watch on our 3 kazillion TV channels tonight, well nowt I want to watch, plenty of man telly for himself though. Dear reader, it quite frankly amazes me the TV men will watch, thats another whole post in itself!!

Link 2 blogs - well erm maybe not actually thanks

Ok so I saw the cool little button over that Cubbys blog and wanting some more readers, I thought that I might sign up and give it a go, I installed the HTML and when I looked at it I realised what a mistake I had made, the blog which appeared in their blogroll were just not the kind of blogs I want to be associated with, I like people visiting and reading but not enough to go against my own set of morals. I won't say what was on one of the blogs but I have now removed the offending HTML from my template and shall continue onwards shouting the crafty scrapping word without the need for that particular service.

I note that Cubby only had the button so I'm guessing he thought the same as me about the blog-roll type thingy.

In other matters dear readers I had my final implant, the Nurse remarked that I was very brave as one of the ladies who has it currently has to have a local anaesthetic before the implant, due to the huge needle. I said that I can't feel anything in my tummy anyway on account of the 2 C-Sections in only 17 months, of the four Zoladex implants I have had I slightly felt one! Now this is rather disconcerting as if Paul decided he was sick of me and wanted to inject me with poison whilst I slept I wouldn't feel it if he did it in my tummy, yes I know it's not likely but I wonder if I should get some kind of intrusion device and link it to the area formerly known as my tummy button! I say formerly known as after having our 3 children it's now barely recogniseable as it's former self. Not only that but where my tummy once was I now have the entire AA road map, complete, dear reader with ring roads and roundabouts! Who knew that stretch marks would turn out to be so useful!!

Look at the time, I got lost blogging again, the kids will be home any minute, I better try and look mumsical and busy!!

Tuesday Traumas

Oh happy Tuesday, did I mention that nothing good can ever happen on Tuesdays, something I expect to do with the chemical makeup, i.e. Monday+1day+2earlyintheweek+rain=Tuesday, sorry it also feels too early to be funny! I have my appointment for my last impant today which will no doubt be a bundle of fun as ever!!

I got to thinking last night as I lay awake just how much I hate our living space, however I realise that considering I'll be in hospital for major surgery in 2 weeks, it's probably not the best time to think about redecoration.

I made invitations last night (with the help of Microsoft Publisher) for Abigails birthday party, thats the one I didn't actually know about, anyway I think she is having 5 friends which means 8 children in 1 house all at the same time, I wouldn't mind but little girls together all tend to squeal at the same time.

My family won't be coming after several wranglings, instead Abigail will be going to mums on the Saturday for her first birthday party and then having her second one here on her birthday.

OMG, is that the time, I thought it was only 7.30am, I have husbands and sons to wake up and kids to get ready for school, arrgggghhhhhh to it not being the holidays anymore!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

a really fabby photoshop tool!

Just made this entirely cool stamp with a program I was alerted to over at cubbys blog, if you have photoshop 7 or above you really need to give this a go, it's so much fun, it only took me 10 minutes to make this with photoshopCS2. For more information go to Cubby's Blog

I just also want to say that whilst you are there check out all the cool stuff, this man puts an incredible amount of time and energy into his crafting and indeed his blog, don't forget to leave him a lovely comment if you use any of his hints, tips and links!!

They are finally back..

To school, so hurrah for a little peace and quiet, of course they are only back for a week and then off again for the bank holiday weekend, suely the holiday planners could have left a little longer between Easter and May day!!

So dear reader it's hey hey all the way to next weekend if the weather continues to be as good as it has been over the weekend, I may even have to get the sunchairs and bikes out of the outside storage.

Blogger is slightly not behaving itself this morning, I wanted to add a photo but it seems to be having a strop with me today, I was only adding it because I really have no news this morning, nothing even remotely interesting!!

Well I'll sign off now and leave you photoless dear reader, I'll try and add something interesting later if it will let me!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Better than Chocolate

My crafty Digi Elfen friend just emailed me with this layout she did of the photo of Paul and I, the slightly dodgy one.

What a fabulous gorgeous lady she is, Thanks so much you magical crafty Elf, both Paul and I are honoured.

Me n Looby chilling on a lazy Sunday afternoon

I've been traumatising Looby today and taking loads of photos, I love this one that I took of us both, you have no idea how many shots I had to take just to get one which looked ok!! Posted by Picasa

finally got around to doing a teeny bit more Cyber cropping!!

did one of the challenges which was to create an altered CD, used alcohol inks, wholly cow rub-ons a circular slide mount and the picture comes from the oriental ATC pad.

I really quite like this as a piece of art!

Amazing what you can do with an old CD!!

What a great new toy

I created this mag cover with magazine maker

I was alerted to this fabby toy by Cubby over at the Craft Kingdom, I could have so much fun with this! Wait till paul sees what I have done!!

Migraines mean missing David Tennant

Yes I missed most of Dr Who last night and the scrummy David Tennant who for most of the episode last night had his own scummy scottish accent, I however got to 7.30pm before I could stand the migraine no more and went to bed.

I'm so mad with myself for being ill and Missing Dr Who and not only that I also missed the live chat with Ali Edwards and Rhonna Farrer which has got to be the most disappointing point of the weekend.

Yes dear readers you find me a little sad this morning, most days are ok but sometimes being me is an absolute bummer, it just stops you from doing the things you want to, and I don't mean abseiling or skydiving, some days it just stops you from living and thats not fun!

Sorry dear readers, I don't mean to sound like a spoilt child stomping my feet but there are definite days when I get sick of migraines and injections and all the various other wonderous things that go along with it.

Right, enough! Rant is now officially over!

I'm now off to beg my lovely hubby to take Looby and Iain out for a while so that I can get some more points at the cyber-crop, it finishes at 5pm tonight and I have gotten a measely 50 points.

My dad will be here in 10 minutes to pick Abigail up for her day at grandmas, lets hope the other 2 behave themselves or I might be tempted to lock myself in the nearest available cupboard. :D

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Very Nearly 4

Another Class, this one was just about drawing the flowers, still not so good at the flower things, I think I prefer using foam stamps, just can't seem to draw them even with the class and being shown an easy way, I guess I may be many things but I'll never be Van Gogh.

The layout is Called Very nearly 4 and I took the photo of Abigail this morning and well you guessed it, she's very nearly 4, 2 weeks tommorrow actually. When she's happy, she's sunny and lovely, just don't ask me about the times when she's not so happy! LOL Posted by Picasa

Cyber Crop Saturday

Well it would be if I could shift my bottome and get some stuff done, I did one of the classes this morning before the kids arrived home, I sort of followed the class but as in the case of every class I do I just took the fundamentals which were to create curves, I think I kind of did that on a recent layout anyway but I did have this photo which I took last year which I wanted to get scrapped so it gave me an opportunity to do that.

The other photos are from this mornings trip to the park, we only have Abigail today as the other two are at Grandmas and Abigail will go tommorrow.

Paul and I haven't had a photo together since we got married 6 years ago, this is about the best attempt although I have warned him that I am desperate for a decent one so he better be ready! Just need to sort out a nearby wall and the timer on my camera, if I were really organised I would get around to purchasing a tripod.

Right, just wanted to do a quick update, now I need to go do some challenges and classes!!

Ooh did I mention that Ali Edwards and Rhonna Farrer are going to be in the chatroom at 9pm for a Q&A session, I'm so excited, being biscraptual, I am a huge fan of both those girls work!!
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Friday, April 21, 2006


It's blinkin 6.20pm and I should be looking at UKScrappers but it seems to have gorn orf or this carp PC which I'm using is just too slow to try and get there, I have a feeling that it may be a UKS problem though as there were soooo mnay people trying to get on, I hope they sort it out soon or I may indeed have to start to huff, hopefully my powerlead shoule arrive in the morning and I'll be bak up to 512 mb of ram which really does make a huge difference.

I just found out that Ali Edwards and Rhonna Farrer are going to be making guest appearances tommorrow night on UKS at 9pm and I am way past excited about that, Ali is one of my idol scrappers, I love her stuff and what Rhonna Farrer has done in both paper and Digital is just amazing! I'll be trying to get into the chatroom for that one although I think 800 or so people may also have the same idea! LOL

Apparently 800 people have registered for the Cyber-crop, there's got to be some kind of record for that sort of thing hasn't there.

I love Cyber-crops, hopefully we'll ba having a few of those on The Craft Kingdom which gives me a chance to Cyber Teach, something which I personally love.

Well I think I'll try and get back to UKS now, please all say a quiet prayer that I manage or it's going to be a very long night!!!

Fabulous Footballing Friday!!

I hate football but my Hubby is playing in the cup final for his Sunday pub team tonight so I want to wish him lots and lots of love and look and I hope that his Kicky foot is working well, I love you darling and I'll be with you all the way!!

I obviously won't actually be there though as I have my own important things coming up tonight, for instance it's the start of the weekend long cyber crop on UkScrappers and although I have been trying to keep a lid on my excitement, I can't pretend that I am not looking forward to it immensely and hoping also that I can get several pages scrapped.

I musdt have known about my puter problems as I backed up all my photos and digi-kits this week, I now have a copy of PSE4 on this PC which will sort out the digi layouts that I would like to get done and later I am going to pop all the photos on this hard-drive as it's much much bigger than the other one.

I did find a few treasures on this PC for instance some heritage photos which I received from my granny so I might be able to get a few of those scrapped, I'm not really into heritage layouts but I don't mind the occasional one or two and lets face it if I don't preserve the memories then who will.

I'm sharing with you another layout from the last UKS cyber-crop, this one was taught by the immensely talented Anso, this is one of those layouts which is timeless, no matter what fads or styles are in this one will live through them all!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Laptop Problems!!

Yes tonight I am live from the computer in the bedroom which is atleast 2 years old and in computer terms in somewhat out of the ark, it has a blinkin CRT and a flippin Mouse, I'm so not happy about it but at 1.30pm this afternoon My powerpack decided to die, only got it in November but to be honest it hadn't been too happy since the Cat decided to eat it! LOL

So off we went to PCWorld where we were told we could have a new one for the bargain price of £66.00, now then I love my computer but not enough to pay out that kind of money so I rushed back used my dying battery and got one off Ebay to be delivered Saturday by Special Delivery for £24.00 inc the special delivery postage!!

I'm now adjusting to desktop PC life again having not even turned this antique on since November, I had to reinstall all the software for the internet connection to work, it doesn't have wireless broadband but quite frankly what the point of wireless is without a laptop I'm not sure, it is still high speed broadband though so atleast it's not too slow. Actually though it only has 256mb of Ram so as a puter it just chugs along. I promised Paul that he could have this one as soon as the other ones fixed so I may see about an upgrade for him.

Other than that today was pretty mediocre, it's the UKS cyber crop tommorrow night and I am quietly jumping up and down with anticipation!!

The layout shown is one I completed at the last Cyber-crop from one of Scrapdollys marvellous classes, this was the first page I completed as a member of UKS, can't quite beleive that, I love this layout but I have come so far when I look back, good though to watch the progression. Still love this one though, love the photo :)

Right, better get offa here, I have House on at 9pm and then Greys Anatomy at 10pm!!

Top of the Thursday to you!!

I was going to wish you top of the morning but as it's Thursday i thought I would combine them in a BOGOF offer!

I'm off to see my Psychiatrist today to check I am still insane and can keep borrowing the cloak of insanity from the NHS, I have had it for a while now and keep wondering if they'll want it back, I wonder if it's like old crutches, you know the ones you shlould have returned 10 years ago but they're now spray painted pnk and form some kind of futeristic post modernist art work!

The children and happily ensconsed in Dora the Explorer, who says TV is bad for the little ones, they can watch Dora and learn to speak spanish at the same time!! Lazy town teaches all the perils of being lazy and watching TV and eating too many sweeties and is therefore a complete oxymoron as it's on TV!!

Then there's Something Special which teaches you sign language, I tell you a day of Cbeebies or Nick Jnr and you're all ready for a degree!!

I'm not such a bad mummy really though, it's just that I like to check my emails and blog and give paul a lie in on the school holidays and weebeebies tv is just the way to do it, I can promise that we will actually do stuff today, yesterday they built an enourmous mud pie in the garden and generally had a fabby muddy time.

I wonder what is in store for us today, i really need to go and take some photographs as it's the UKS cyber-crop this weekend and I'm running out of photos I really want to scrap. Not sure how much of the weekend I'll get to enjoy as I can't get rid of the whole family this weekend, The kids are all off out tommorrow night though so atleast I'll be there for the start.

Right, I need more coffee or I'll be no good to anyone till atleast tea-time!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love This Face

This was the other layout I did on Monday night, those vintage hip papers work so well, they have been distressed a little but I like them with Hubbys mane of blonde hair, still madly in love with the Basic Grey wholly cow rub-ons, i bought another pack of them yesterday, although I can never seem to just use 1 or 2 it's usually the whole pack! LOL.

I can say though that I love This face more than I love Wholly Cow Rub-ons.

Sky is now officially installed and Looby is very happy about having so much choice, should she watch The Wiggles, or Dora, or Balamory, the heady choices of a 2 and a half year old!!

Oh and we had this enormous Head-lice crisis earlier, I noticed those teeny eggs in Abigails hair so it's probable that she picked them up from nursery, taking into account though that she is a completely angst ridden drama queen, we had histerics, we all had a dose of Lyclear and we never actually found a live one but it still cost me £2 in new hair accessories for her even to calm down slightly, the noise when I was trying to comb her hair with the teeny lice comb was akin to a small cat being murdered. I tried to explain that most school children get them at some time or another but that didn't help much. I couldn't help laughing when she was screaming "mammy get the woodlice outta my hair" Can you imagine woodlice, on second thoughts thats just a bit too euwwy to imagine!!


Ok a few photos this morning, this top one is the paper layout I did of Loobys wonderful smiley photo, I lurve this layout, must say a big Thank you to my friend Tracy who sent me the pink fastenator staples ages ago and they proved to be just perfect for attatching the Heidi Swapp Ghost letters.

What of the other photos?

Well yesterday we were at the garden centres looking for plants etc and I found this metal catterpillar and knew at once he should come and live in our garden, he's a cutie!!

The nice people at Sky are coming today to install us, what fun they are going to have when our phone-line is on the bottom floor and our TV is on the middle floor and we have a wireless router which is bound to cause problems!

Ooh I spoke to BT yesterday and they convinced me to stay with them, after bribing me with a free caller display digital cordless
phone and reduced line rental for the first 6 months, sorted!!

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