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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My little Buttercup is poorly

Looby had a big sleep today and when she awoke she really didn't want to do anything, she didn't want her tea but managed to eat some apple and grapes, then she lay on the settee, came for some cuddles and then finally fell asleep on the chair at 6.20pm, I thought that she wasn't her normal cheery self, no giggles today! It's very unusual for Looby to not be sunny, she loves it when I sing "My little Buttercup" to her. She's not complained though just quietly watched Dora and lazytown, we got her bike out of the outside storage now that the weather has improved but she didn't want to test it out, maybe tommorrow she'll be back to her normal cheeky self.

The photo is of her climbing along the back of the settee on Sunday, trying to avoid me taking photos of her as much as possible, I still managed to take atleast a hundred of her at the weekend! LOL, in the end every time I picked the camera up she ran and hid, even when it meant lying face down on the doormat!!

Paul and I have just had chicken breast, roasted vegetables and new potatoes for our grown up tea, it was delicious and nice to be able to enjoy dinner together, the children had theirs much much earlier enjoying Scrambled eggs on toast followed by apple and grapes and then finally some of their leftover Easter choccies, poor Looby couldn't even manage the chocolate bless her.

there's not a thing to watch on our 3 kazillion TV channels tonight, well nowt I want to watch, plenty of man telly for himself though. Dear reader, it quite frankly amazes me the TV men will watch, thats another whole post in itself!!

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