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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Link 2 blogs - well erm maybe not actually thanks

Ok so I saw the cool little button over that Cubbys blog and wanting some more readers, I thought that I might sign up and give it a go, I installed the HTML and when I looked at it I realised what a mistake I had made, the blog which appeared in their blogroll were just not the kind of blogs I want to be associated with, I like people visiting and reading but not enough to go against my own set of morals. I won't say what was on one of the blogs but I have now removed the offending HTML from my template and shall continue onwards shouting the crafty scrapping word without the need for that particular service.

I note that Cubby only had the button so I'm guessing he thought the same as me about the blog-roll type thingy.

In other matters dear readers I had my final implant, the Nurse remarked that I was very brave as one of the ladies who has it currently has to have a local anaesthetic before the implant, due to the huge needle. I said that I can't feel anything in my tummy anyway on account of the 2 C-Sections in only 17 months, of the four Zoladex implants I have had I slightly felt one! Now this is rather disconcerting as if Paul decided he was sick of me and wanted to inject me with poison whilst I slept I wouldn't feel it if he did it in my tummy, yes I know it's not likely but I wonder if I should get some kind of intrusion device and link it to the area formerly known as my tummy button! I say formerly known as after having our 3 children it's now barely recogniseable as it's former self. Not only that but where my tummy once was I now have the entire AA road map, complete, dear reader with ring roads and roundabouts! Who knew that stretch marks would turn out to be so useful!!

Look at the time, I got lost blogging again, the kids will be home any minute, I better try and look mumsical and busy!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were any blogs of a dubious nature listed on there?

I can only have the button as my blog host,, does not allow any kind of scripts, like javascript, so it is impossible to have the whole thing.

I really do think you ought to report anything of dubious content that appears in the list to Link2Blogs. They are supposed to manually verify all blogs before they are listed.

Anonymous said...

ps: you don't have to have the whole tower on your site - it says that when you sign up. Just take the bit of code you need and dump the rest.

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