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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tidy up the house day

Quite like this photo even though Iain has attitude with a capital A!!

Today is tidy up the house for Easter day, mainly because it looks like we have had a fly by bombing in the sitting room at the moment and I won't even go into details about the bathroom, I think it's probably best left unsaid, however given a couple of bottles of bleach and an hour of Team Charlton we should be sorted and sparkly for the imminent arrival of The Easter Bunny.

Was thinking fo taking the kids to a new posh soft play which only opened last weekend but when I checked out the website it looked exhorbitantly expensive, nearly £20 for 3 kids and I'm not even sure how long they get to play for that, I can see ius whizzing of to Saltwell park in Gateshead this afternoon, plenty to do there and a lovely tea-shop serving luscious cakes, although we may well stay local and go and visit the animals in pets corner at Jesmond Dene, I think the cake is nicer from that wee Coffee shop! A life ruled by cake, I never used to like cake before i met my other half but several years down the line I am 3 stone lighter and eat more cake, who knew that cake was the secret answer to weight-loss?!

Talking of the several years of betroval, we will have been married 6 years on Friday and I haven't so much as thought about a card or present, I guess he'll just get the same as last year, more me than he could ever want! LOL

Right, I must go and make him some coffee and get him out of bed or he will remain there till lunchtime!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cake tip :)

You're children are lucky, we used to get to go to Roker. Remember going one time and it was blowing up a storm, sea coming right up and over the wall. We couldn't even get out of the car and had to eat the picnic on the back seat.


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