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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Yes we have no car at the moment and so Pauls footie manager is coming to kidnap him soon for football, no I'm a little disconcerted about this as quite franly I worry anough about him not coming back when he goes to football so for him to be kidnapped (ok so given a lift) is even more worrying and whats more is his dad rang as well to see if he wanted a lift to footie, I don't see anyone turning up to take me to the nearest craft shop because we have no transport.

I hate Sundays, when I am prime-minister I shall cancel them along with abolishing the whole silly game of men chasing balls, if I wanted to watch 22 men playing with balls I would go to a swedish book shop IYKWIM.

I have never and will never understand the point of football, it's not that I don't like sport because I love tennis, athletics, winter sports and most of all F1 although how could you not love F1 have you seen some of the men, David Coultard, Jensen Button. Phew my ovaries are already tingling, I guess that will be my sporty event today, the Australian grand-prix, I'll catch it on the repeat this afternoon.

Have a great Sunday everyone and I mean that even if you are off to chase a little ball around a muddy field :D

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