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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday morning

It would be lovely if this was the scene in Newcastle this morning (maybe without the traffic rails) however it's actually rather more grey and cloudy with quite a fierce wind, oh and this is not outside my front window before you all get excited about where I live, this is on the Quayside and was taken by my dad early one summer morning a couple of years ago!!

So we in the Charlton Household are busy having our usual holiday weekend conversations which go "kids where would you like to go?" kids-"somewhere nice and fun" Us- "oh we don't have enough money to go anywhere like that!!"

I think we probably will make it out of the house today as if we stay in we just annoy each other and eventually get stir crazy, although I would rather stay home but thats just me! LOL Whereever we decide to go it had better be somewhere breathtakingly beautiful to look good in a photograph in this weather! LOL

I guess we'll end up at a National Trust place as per usual, after all whats the point of family membership if you don't use it, plus it runs out next month and we're not renewing till I recover from my surgery so it could be the last family NT trip till around August, I'll miss it but Iain will no doubt be releived as he hates the national trust, in fact it's fair to say that he hates most places due to the lack of living breathing Pokemon!!

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