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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday is here

Yes once again Sunday (day of doom) is here, nothing planned and already we're off to a bad start as I realised that I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer for lunch so it will probably end up being toad in the hole again! We have some purple potatoes though and I can't wait to see the fairies faces when I serve purple mash!

We had a tooth emergency last night, Iain lost a tooth and it went down the drain, there was much panic and he wanted us to take the pipes off and look for it which quite frankly not an option so he wrote a note to the tooth fairy whilst balling his eyes out, luckily she must have knows as she left the £2 on the side, yes dear reader not only was it a tooth it was a doubler!

We had to introduce emergency playstation time to calm him down after an earlier incident where said tooth bled and Iain went white as a sheet and had to lie down in a darkened room, ah the fun of a child with aspergers, luckily emergency playstation rations and cuddles seemed to sort out the situation.

Phew end of the world narrowly avoided!

He's off to Grandmas today so hopefully he'll be fine although he's a little strung out with the end of term and the change in his routine, we're used to it now and he'll know doubt settle down just in time for him to go back to school and have his routine disrupted again.

Meanwhile in Girly fairy land, Abigail and Looby, chief Pixies are bounding around with far too much energy and you just know it's going to be a wholly tiring day, Paul doesn't care he's having his lie in and then off to footie, he'll get back and then I'll cook dinner and then he'll watch telly, put his feet up and complain about his oh so tiring day, I meanwhile by this evening will look those bacon flavoured crisps, Frazzles I think they are called. Is it any wonder I think that Sundays are bad?!

I expressed concern over my parents still acting like 2 year olds and not speaking to us, apparently there is a chance they could pretend to speak to us for Abigails birthday party, I told him they need to grow up, stop acting like nursery children and if they don't want to really speak to us to not bother coming as I can't be doing with pretending, blimey parents!!

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