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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time Flies

When you get lost in a new and interesting website, I spent almost the entire morning at you tube browsing an enormous collection of videos, yes some are CARP but there's some hidden gems, even on the ones I popped on my blog, you have got to just scan and see if you find something you like, the one which was from the Tony's is really good and I love to watch Idina and Kristin singing defying gravity, don't try to sing too much though or like me your vocal chords will end up splattered all over the kitchen windows! LOL

For anyone who doesn't know, I sing all the time, whenever and whereever I get the chance, i haven't sang in public for years now but I sing to the kids and they seem to like it and Paul doesn't complain either (actually Mr C is quite a good singer himself) I just love music and musicals but I'm guessing that you sensed that one! LOL

Longe before my obsession with Wicked I remember my childhood and seeing such wonders as "The sound of Music", "Oklahoma" and of course "The wizard of Oz" from the very first musical I saw I was entranced. I have been lucky enough to see several musicals live with some great cast members but of course the one I have yet to see is "Wicked" i am hoping to go and see it as soon as it opens though.

So I saw musicals from being wee and I started singing along as soon as I could remember some songs and once I started singing you couldn't stop me, my mum used to send me to the loft, she would tell me I couldn't sing to the point of me never wanting to sing anything in public at all, I was so scared that I sounded awful but years later as an Adult I began to be told that I could actually hold a note or two and now I'm not scared anymore. You must understand that Paul and I in our nutty period would have Kareoke sessions in our livingroom, but ah that was when we were young and slightly tipsy, these days we never drink at all but the singing goes on. Downstairs in our kitchen we play the Wicked soundtrack constantly, I got it about a year and a half ago sent over from the US as it wasn't available here, I don't even know if it is now.

I brain washed paul with it, with some kind of Osmosis it seeped through his skin and now he loves it as much as me, it's one of the loves which holds us together, for as much as we are similar we are also complete opposites, for 1 I can't have a converstation about Football, well I can but it usually ends, "football is rubbish, I hate it!!" LOL My own fault for marrying a footballer!

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