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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ah, thats better

Yes much better to be blogging in my usual morning slot, I did fret all day yesterday that I hadn't blogged earlier in the day, what would happen to you all dear readers, would you give up, move on, leave me, stop clicking?

I tell you dear readers when you have as much paranoia as I do, even so much as not blogging can have a tremendous effect on you!

So it's Thursday which can mean only 1 thing, yes it's not quite friday, lets just get rid of Thursday as well, see then the only problem left is that at the last count I think we only had Fridays and Saturdays remaining, thats fine by me, short week, teeny weekend and every week safe in the knowledge that it's only 1 day till the weekend! Oh and also we need more Craft on TV and slightly less doom and gloom, so lotsa craft, no news and free chocolate for everyone, Hmmmm now that sounds like Utopia to me!

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