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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Traumas

Oh happy Tuesday, did I mention that nothing good can ever happen on Tuesdays, something I expect to do with the chemical makeup, i.e. Monday+1day+2earlyintheweek+rain=Tuesday, sorry it also feels too early to be funny! I have my appointment for my last impant today which will no doubt be a bundle of fun as ever!!

I got to thinking last night as I lay awake just how much I hate our living space, however I realise that considering I'll be in hospital for major surgery in 2 weeks, it's probably not the best time to think about redecoration.

I made invitations last night (with the help of Microsoft Publisher) for Abigails birthday party, thats the one I didn't actually know about, anyway I think she is having 5 friends which means 8 children in 1 house all at the same time, I wouldn't mind but little girls together all tend to squeal at the same time.

My family won't be coming after several wranglings, instead Abigail will be going to mums on the Saturday for her first birthday party and then having her second one here on her birthday.

OMG, is that the time, I thought it was only 7.30am, I have husbands and sons to wake up and kids to get ready for school, arrgggghhhhhh to it not being the holidays anymore!!

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