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Friday, April 21, 2006


It's blinkin 6.20pm and I should be looking at UKScrappers but it seems to have gorn orf or this carp PC which I'm using is just too slow to try and get there, I have a feeling that it may be a UKS problem though as there were soooo mnay people trying to get on, I hope they sort it out soon or I may indeed have to start to huff, hopefully my powerlead shoule arrive in the morning and I'll be bak up to 512 mb of ram which really does make a huge difference.

I just found out that Ali Edwards and Rhonna Farrer are going to be making guest appearances tommorrow night on UKS at 9pm and I am way past excited about that, Ali is one of my idol scrappers, I love her stuff and what Rhonna Farrer has done in both paper and Digital is just amazing! I'll be trying to get into the chatroom for that one although I think 800 or so people may also have the same idea! LOL

Apparently 800 people have registered for the Cyber-crop, there's got to be some kind of record for that sort of thing hasn't there.

I love Cyber-crops, hopefully we'll ba having a few of those on The Craft Kingdom which gives me a chance to Cyber Teach, something which I personally love.

Well I think I'll try and get back to UKS now, please all say a quiet prayer that I manage or it's going to be a very long night!!!

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Anonymous said...

Were you ever able to connect? Hope so and I love the expression "carp". Totally cracked me up. Hadn't heard that one before.

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