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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apologies from the bad blogger

I'm feeling guilty for not blogging till now but I have had such a day.

We had Abigails Easter performance this morning which involved a bus journey as our car was still kaput, I'm not the best on buses, I have a recurring nightmare that my children are stabbed on the bus, I know it's my own paranoia but thats why I have mental health problems! LOL

Then my maintainence arrived so I had a quest on another bus to get it from the post office and then another bus journey to the city centre to put some in the bank so I can get Abigail her birthday pressies.

Taking into account that I never go out on my own I think I did quite well and I managed to get myself some new shoes and some for Looby too, well if you need to get an agoraphobic lady out of the house you have to atleast have the promise of shoes.

Looby and I got a taxi home from town and brought home all the their easter goodies, some food from M&S, they have half price offers at the moment you know and also a copy of Scrapbook Answers which is surely a good reward if I can get into town 9 times a year.

It's all building up to me being on my own in a hospital bed for a whole 7 days, probably with minimal visitors as my beloved parents have already said that dad is on call so they can't possibly come, well I'm sorry but we're not speaking at the moment anyway and why she would want to come and visit someone she doesn't like is beyond me, actually my family love a hospital visit!!

I got home with a huge migraine, unsurprisingly and so I had my injection whilst Paul was bringing the ar back from the garage and then if by magic fixing it. So now we are up to date, the car is fixed and hopefully I don't have to go on the bus for another couple of years!!

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