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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Totally Terrific Tuesday

Well I had to come up with some kind of a title and I do try and be positive, in reality Tuesday is another day we could cancel out of the week, a pointless day where nothing ever really happens although it happens that we do occasionally have money on a Tuesday where as we almost never have any money if you pick a random thursday for example, maybe some days just hold their monetary value better than others. Have you also noticed that when you would quite like to have some funds those are the times when you are broke beyond belief and when you really don't have any need for it thats always when you have enough, although you tend to spend it then anyway just because A) you can and B) just in case the next time you look it's gone, ah the joys of living in a society based on money, it would all be so much easier with a bunch of carrots and a couple of chickens and also easier to put together a Sunday dinner :D

Plans for the day include as awlays working like a trojan whilst appearing to the oustide world and of course my beloved hubby that I'm not actually doing very much at all, can he not see by the steam coming off the keyboard that I am in fact performing a function neccessary to the survival of the developed world, where would we all be without forums, email buddies and ebay, doomed thats where, how else can you travel the world, talk to someone in australia whilst doing some shopping in Japan, no wonder I am tired at the end of the day!!

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Anonymous said...

Loveing today's blog, well travelled lady aren't you :D Sounds like you woke in a tiggerific mood. This new forum has certainally given you a boost.

Olwen xx

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