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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Laptop Problems!!

Yes tonight I am live from the computer in the bedroom which is atleast 2 years old and in computer terms in somewhat out of the ark, it has a blinkin CRT and a flippin Mouse, I'm so not happy about it but at 1.30pm this afternoon My powerpack decided to die, only got it in November but to be honest it hadn't been too happy since the Cat decided to eat it! LOL

So off we went to PCWorld where we were told we could have a new one for the bargain price of £66.00, now then I love my computer but not enough to pay out that kind of money so I rushed back used my dying battery and got one off Ebay to be delivered Saturday by Special Delivery for £24.00 inc the special delivery postage!!

I'm now adjusting to desktop PC life again having not even turned this antique on since November, I had to reinstall all the software for the internet connection to work, it doesn't have wireless broadband but quite frankly what the point of wireless is without a laptop I'm not sure, it is still high speed broadband though so atleast it's not too slow. Actually though it only has 256mb of Ram so as a puter it just chugs along. I promised Paul that he could have this one as soon as the other ones fixed so I may see about an upgrade for him.

Other than that today was pretty mediocre, it's the UKS cyber crop tommorrow night and I am quietly jumping up and down with anticipation!!

The layout shown is one I completed at the last Cyber-crop from one of Scrapdollys marvellous classes, this was the first page I completed as a member of UKS, can't quite beleive that, I love this layout but I have come so far when I look back, good though to watch the progression. Still love this one though, love the photo :)

Right, better get offa here, I have House on at 9pm and then Greys Anatomy at 10pm!!

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't realised you just got your laptop charger in November. Dig out the receipt and take it back, it should probably have a years wananty on it.

If you are able to get a replacement at least you'll either have a spare or be able to sell one to reclaim costs.


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