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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I hate Mornings

Another thing to be banned when I am ruler of the free world, I hate mornings, mostly due to the fact that when it's my turn to get up i manage to keep the children quiet and they peacefully watch TV adn so paul gets his holidays lie in till 9am, when it's paul who's up, they don't even bother to shut the livingroom door, I asked twice this morning and then he lets them make as much noise at the like so that I have to get up, GrRRRRRRRR

I'm so mad this morning as my FIL rang Paul at 7.30am to say that he can't remember saying eh was having the kids tommorrow night which just happens to be my wedding anniversary but that everyone can go accross for a big Easter Sunday dinner on Sunday, yes thats everyone except for me as he hates me and hence I am not on the list. Just some background to fill you in dear reader, why does he hate me, well basically it's because I took his son away and won't give him back!!

So dear reader today you do not find me in happy blythe spirit because at the moment I am a bubbling mass of simmering angryness, Paul of course didn't say anything, he never does, actually normally I end up feeling like I'm the bad person but taking into account that I had already planned our family easter Sunday dinner and easter activities and tommorrow night, as you might expect I am a little pissed about the whole thing, sorry about the language but thats the best way to describe it at this current point.

Probably best that I now go away and listen to some soothing music or something!

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