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Saturday, April 01, 2006

So much to do....

OMG I have the busiest day ahead without actually going anywhere or leaving my lapt top for too long. I have posts galore to pop on at

Of course it's going to be changing constantly but I think the posts are what it initially needs to get going, if you haven't visited for a nosey yet, Why not?

If you have you'll notice that when it's all sorted it will infact have a front page which will be lurvely, I like a nice front page.

Cool topics which deffo need sorting today are the issues with uploading images, avatars and also the current lack of gallery. Tis lucky that we have some very clever people on board. Kirsteen achieved more in half an hour than I could have managed in a year. Computer language is just not my strong point, you're not likely to see me co-owning a computing forum! LOL

Well so much to be done and I would dearly love to get as much as is humanly possible acheived before the children arrive back at 9.30am or it will end up being one of those days where mummy is surgically attatched to the laptop. Oh now there's an idea perhaps when I go into hospital they could fit me in a zip drive or something :D

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