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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love This Face

This was the other layout I did on Monday night, those vintage hip papers work so well, they have been distressed a little but I like them with Hubbys mane of blonde hair, still madly in love with the Basic Grey wholly cow rub-ons, i bought another pack of them yesterday, although I can never seem to just use 1 or 2 it's usually the whole pack! LOL.

I can say though that I love This face more than I love Wholly Cow Rub-ons.

Sky is now officially installed and Looby is very happy about having so much choice, should she watch The Wiggles, or Dora, or Balamory, the heady choices of a 2 and a half year old!!

Oh and we had this enormous Head-lice crisis earlier, I noticed those teeny eggs in Abigails hair so it's probable that she picked them up from nursery, taking into account though that she is a completely angst ridden drama queen, we had histerics, we all had a dose of Lyclear and we never actually found a live one but it still cost me £2 in new hair accessories for her even to calm down slightly, the noise when I was trying to comb her hair with the teeny lice comb was akin to a small cat being murdered. I tried to explain that most school children get them at some time or another but that didn't help much. I couldn't help laughing when she was screaming "mammy get the woodlice outta my hair" Can you imagine woodlice, on second thoughts thats just a bit too euwwy to imagine!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Abigail, but at least you can console her with the fact that woodlice only live on people who are clean, cos who would want to live somewhere dirty. (Mother was a Nitty Nora so I know)

Have the fairies and Iain argued over who gets to watch what yet?

Love that you love Mr M more than wholly Cows, but do you love him more than Primas and chocolate?

Olwen xx

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