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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love This Face

This was the other layout I did on Monday night, those vintage hip papers work so well, they have been distressed a little but I like them with Hubbys mane of blonde hair, still madly in love with the Basic Grey wholly cow rub-ons, i bought another pack of them yesterday, although I can never seem to just use 1 or 2 it's usually the whole pack! LOL.

I can say though that I love This face more than I love Wholly Cow Rub-ons.

Sky is now officially installed and Looby is very happy about having so much choice, should she watch The Wiggles, or Dora, or Balamory, the heady choices of a 2 and a half year old!!

Oh and we had this enormous Head-lice crisis earlier, I noticed those teeny eggs in Abigails hair so it's probable that she picked them up from nursery, taking into account though that she is a completely angst ridden drama queen, we had histerics, we all had a dose of Lyclear and we never actually found a live one but it still cost me £2 in new hair accessories for her even to calm down slightly, the noise when I was trying to comb her hair with the teeny lice comb was akin to a small cat being murdered. I tried to explain that most school children get them at some time or another but that didn't help much. I couldn't help laughing when she was screaming "mammy get the woodlice outta my hair" Can you imagine woodlice, on second thoughts thats just a bit too euwwy to imagine!!
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