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Monday, April 10, 2006

Todays highlights

Yes various wonderments from today, as you can see in this top photo, getting a photo of all my kids and their daddy all smiling at once is pretty much impossible, maybe thats why I have an affinity for photographing flowers, atleast they look nice when you ask them to.

I reached the conclusion today that I have now scarred my children for life. I managed to hook my MP3 player up to the stereo in the car, great feat of excellence which means we can have fabby music selections to drown out the noise of the children killing and maiming each other.

Anyway there we are once again listening to Wicked The original Broadway cast and we get to "Popular" and the Von Charlton family start singing along, yes including the 2 year old, it was like something out of Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream-coat, you know the bit with the childrens choir. I laughed my socks off!!
We actually ended up at Wallington Hall this afternoon and had quite a nice walk, unfortunately every muscle in my neck decided to go into spasm at the same time and so we had tom come home, I took my injection for said migraine and necky painy thing and it's somewhat better although still trying to fight against 1 sumatriptan injection, 2 paracetamol, 1 diclofenac and a blast of Deep Freeze menthol spray, I fear it may win the battle and I'll be in bed soon which is why I am updating now, or i'll forget. Hopefully tommorrow will be sunny again as we are definetly off to the Jed Deer park and forest for some spring fun, hopefully we will see lots of Lambulators, and goatinators!!

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Anonymous said...

I love those pics of the kids in the masks. The one of them and daddy is very sweet too. Do you have a timer on your camera? You'll have to get into the photos.

ickle elf

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