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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Migraines mean missing David Tennant

Yes I missed most of Dr Who last night and the scrummy David Tennant who for most of the episode last night had his own scummy scottish accent, I however got to 7.30pm before I could stand the migraine no more and went to bed.

I'm so mad with myself for being ill and Missing Dr Who and not only that I also missed the live chat with Ali Edwards and Rhonna Farrer which has got to be the most disappointing point of the weekend.

Yes dear readers you find me a little sad this morning, most days are ok but sometimes being me is an absolute bummer, it just stops you from doing the things you want to, and I don't mean abseiling or skydiving, some days it just stops you from living and thats not fun!

Sorry dear readers, I don't mean to sound like a spoilt child stomping my feet but there are definite days when I get sick of migraines and injections and all the various other wonderous things that go along with it.

Right, enough! Rant is now officially over!

I'm now off to beg my lovely hubby to take Looby and Iain out for a while so that I can get some more points at the cyber-crop, it finishes at 5pm tonight and I have gotten a measely 50 points.

My dad will be here in 10 minutes to pick Abigail up for her day at grandmas, lets hope the other 2 behave themselves or I might be tempted to lock myself in the nearest available cupboard. :D

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget you have sky now so can catch the repeats on BBC3 (I think it's BBC3)

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