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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Blogging coming soon....

I have been such a naughty blogger and it's all about to change.

In recent weeks I have been shooting many gorgeous weddings, kids and families and as if thats not enough I have also been decorating our house and I've also started walking, I take myself on jaunts to interesting places and have become the queen of Charity shop bargains.  You see the thing is, I want to have a house which matches the personality of our family, so basically vintage, quirky and fun, now I have a penchant for old and interesting as well as funky retro and so you can only find these things at Car boot sales, antique stores and charity shops so I've incorporated my walking with hunting for lovely pretty things for our house and I have to say that it's all going fabulously.  I've sprinkled in a little new because I love John Lewis and Laura Ashley but for the most part everything I've made use of has been a bargain!!  thanks to my lovely friend Julie over at Applause Accountancy for the suggestion that I should incorporate my shopping tales

1 more important thing, my wonderful friend and awesome photographer who inspires me every day, Mr Matt Wagster has his amazing and gorgeous photographs from our vow renewal on his blog at the moment so if you have a moment go and have a look and then leave him a lovely comment, I call Matt my big brother even though he's technically a little younger than me so I really want him to feel the love!!

So I promise more blogging, more photography and more shopping tales coming very soon.

Oh and just so this blog post has an image, here's something I shot at a vintage wedding recently -

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