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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've haven't been abducted by aliens

Though you might be forgiven for thinking that I have if you follow the blog as I've only blogged once this month.

Forgive me dear readers but I've been so busy, we've been to London, I've shot weddings and portraits and E-shoots and I've not had time to post any of them.

I'm going to promise to blog them this week.

So just in the last couple of weeks something has changed my life, about a month ago I invested in an iPod touch and it changed my life, I couldn't believe the wonders this wafer thin piece of technology could do. Indeed I fell in love so hard that on Thursday I bought myself an iPhone and then yesterday to top it all off I bought a Macbook, I am an iConvert, this week I already have plans to by an Apple TV gismo.

Other than that one major thing has happened, I have damaged my neck, no one quite seems to know what I've done but since midweek last week I've been in agony, I've bearly eaten in the last three days and the industrial painkillers the dr gave me are only just taking the edge off the pain. I'm calling in the big boys tommorrow and booking myself in with an Osteopath, at the same time I have a team of cleaners coming for 4 and a half hours to try and get on top of the housework.

Whatever happens I shall be well and back to my bouncy old self by the time the main wedding season starts, 3 weeks and counting....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Take That present The Circus at the Stadium of Light

Yesterday there was much excitement in the Charlton household as we were going to have what would turn out to be one of the best nights of our entire lives at the Take That concert at the Stadium of Light.

We didn't know what to expect because it was the first night of their latest (and rumoured last) uk wide tour.

What we got was the most amazing spectacular show on earth, so good was it that we managed to get some cheap tickets for tonights concert.

I didn't take my DSLR because you're not allowed and also I didn't want to be worried about my camera all night so instead I simply snapped a few random pics with hubbys Nokia camera phone, at 3.1mp I really didn't expect much but actually as personal memory photographs we have some great ones.

Here we are waiting in the queue for the general admission tickets, an absurdly long queue which paid off because we got seats. Note I'm sporting the official Take That Bowler Hat which as official merchandise set me back by £12! yes if you want your TT goodies it's going to cost you, £15 for the official programme (gorgeous photography of the boys though) and I also got a canvas bag which cost £12, T-shirts are all £25 and if you're feeling flush a hoodie will set you back £50.

just in front of our seats here, great views due to the humongous screens at either side of the stage and we also had quite good views of the stage and the infamous B stage where they start the concert from, be warned though if you stand within 8 foot of the B stage you get soaked as the water jets shoot upwards for Back For Good.

One of the most amazing moments is when a lifesize Elephant arises from the B stage, I screamed like a girl at this point.

Paul borrowed some funky glasses from our concert mates who I've never met before and might never meet again but they really massively helped with the amazing atmosphere.

small mention about the support acts, James Morrison was awesome, Gary Go is, well I thought he dressed like a banker and was altogether bland but your mileage may vary!!

The boys performed a good range of classics as well as some from the 3 albums since their comeback. My fave song which I had always wanted to see live "Never Forget" absolutely lived up to my expectations and I also loved Greatest Day and Shine.

They ended the concert with "Rule The World" accompanied by sparkly stars and fireworks and when they left the stage I could have quite happily listened for another hour or so, LOL

wonderful value for money as a night you'll always remember and you know you might still get tickets for your venue, I got 2 tickets for just under £70 for tonights show, they're billed as restricted viewing but we had great seats and got all the pics last night, tonight we're merely going along to sing and dance and share in the atmosphere.

Take That, thank you for this delicious spectacular and I hope it's not the last tour as no one quite puts on a show like you guys.

Let me share some photographs and tell you all about it.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Holly and Craigs wedding - Horton Grange, Northumberland

On Saturday I had the most wonderful wedding to photograph, Holly and Craig live just around the corner from me and they chose to marry at the beautiful Horton Grange in Northumberland.

I can't share all of my faves on here without it becoming the biggest blog post of all time so if you want to see more click on any of the photographs to be spirited away to the Facebook album.

Ok, here we go....

I really loved the detailing on the back of Hollys dress

Isn't Holly a beautiful bride?

Love this one of all the men in their finery!

I adore the romance in this one

They're such a gorgeous and wonderful couple

This little girl was so gorgeous and very well behaved, a real credit to her parents :o)

Holly and Craig, may I wish you all the best for your future together, thank you so much for letting me share your special day and have a wonderful honeymoon in Texas.

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