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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've haven't been abducted by aliens

Though you might be forgiven for thinking that I have if you follow the blog as I've only blogged once this month.

Forgive me dear readers but I've been so busy, we've been to London, I've shot weddings and portraits and E-shoots and I've not had time to post any of them.

I'm going to promise to blog them this week.

So just in the last couple of weeks something has changed my life, about a month ago I invested in an iPod touch and it changed my life, I couldn't believe the wonders this wafer thin piece of technology could do. Indeed I fell in love so hard that on Thursday I bought myself an iPhone and then yesterday to top it all off I bought a Macbook, I am an iConvert, this week I already have plans to by an Apple TV gismo.

Other than that one major thing has happened, I have damaged my neck, no one quite seems to know what I've done but since midweek last week I've been in agony, I've bearly eaten in the last three days and the industrial painkillers the dr gave me are only just taking the edge off the pain. I'm calling in the big boys tommorrow and booking myself in with an Osteopath, at the same time I have a team of cleaners coming for 4 and a half hours to try and get on top of the housework.

Whatever happens I shall be well and back to my bouncy old self by the time the main wedding season starts, 3 weeks and counting....

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