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Thursday, July 28, 2011

All about Christine

 Todays post is all about one of my very best friends, Christine, tomorrow she's going to tie the knot to her true love Michael and as well as hubby and the kids coming with me to celebrate our friends love I also get to be their wedding photographer, a great honour indeed but in the words of Christine she just doesn't trust anyone else.

I first met Christine when she contacted me to take some 21st portraits of her, on the first meeting we got on like a house on fire even though there's a considerable age difference, that was in 2008 and we've been through lots together since then, she's settled down, met Michael, got engaged, bought a house, had baby Benjamin and now tomorrow she's getting married!!

I'm so happy that Christine found me when she was looking for a photographer all those years ago and I'm so thankful that we became such great friends, Christine, tomorrow is your big day and I can't wait to photograph it and help you celebrate, all of the Charltons love you so much it's going to be a fabulous day, see you tomorrow and don't forget to have the bacon sandwiches ready ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mandy Charlton has not been abducted by aliens

Despite it being over a month since I last blogged I can actually confirm that the aliens did not abduct me.  Life is a funny thing, you think you have all the time in the world and then you realise it's July and it's only a few months until Christmas!!

So because I've got no chance of ever catching up I'll use this catch up post to share some photos of recent favourite photos.

These last few images are jointly credited to Jamie Emerson with whom I collaborated (and who is also a wonderful talented friend and photographer) on the Brides Up North Bridal Belles photoshoot if you click on that link you'll get to see the whole collection of photographs.  They really are deserved of their own blog post but who knows if that will actually happen, you might have guessed but blogging hasn't exactly been top of my list over this last couple of months.

As well as all the working we did get to go to and stay in a quaint scottish castle for a mini break,I got to sleep princess like on a huge bed in a Turret!!

Over the next 6 weeks it's the summer holidays and time for me to have fun with the kids while shooting just a couple of weddings, I am available for portraits and if you want to give photographic gifts for Christmas this year perhaps consider having these portraits shot over the next six weeks when the weather will hopefully be better than it is in October, I did say hopefully though....
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