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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kerry and Martin Got Married! [wedding photographer northumberland]

I was so lucky to be able to photograph Kerry and Martins amazing wedding up at Close House yesterday, the day went so well that I took an astounding amount of photographs, so much so that it's going to take me a week to process them all.

Kerry and Martin are off to Cuba tommorrow so I promised I would get atleast a couple of sneaky peeks from their gallery to keep them going until they return from Honeymoon.

so here's just 4 which I'm loving -

The beautiful bride

The dashing groom

The newly married couple

and 1 more of gorgeous Kerry.

More of Kerry and Martins sneak peeks are coming up over the next week so stay tuned to the blog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Announcing Portraits in the Park 2009

After last years fantastic turn out for Portraits in the Park, this year is even bigger, 2 dates at 2 different parks, so if you've been putting off having your kids or family portraits off then there's never been a better time.

There are only 11 slots available on each date and with the price of the session only being a Credit Crunching £10 these slots are expected to sell out fast.

You can either choose Saturday April 25th in Jesmond Dene or Sunday May 3rd in Saltwell Park

You must book in advance and no further time slots can be added.

Book your time by calling 0191 2289515 or 07918 121838 and capture great family or kids photographs that you'll cherish forever.

You can also fill in the contact form on my website.

Update - I've now made the decision that all session fees from both dates will be donated to St Oswalds Hospice so not only will you be creating memories which last forever you'll also be helping a great cause.

Angela and Barry - The Wedding, Backworth Hall

Saturday saw the wonderful wedding of two very special people, since I first met Angela and Barry last year they have become very close to my heart as they're just such a wonderful couple so with great joy here's a few sneaky peeks from their wedding gallery.

a small but perfectly proportioned bouquet of cream roses.

a couple of lovely moments from the ceremony which was held in the Haymarket room of Newcastle Civic Centre.

and some of my faves from the couples session, at this point I was hiding behind a large spruce!

and walking back to the reception, how lovely.

Angela and Barry thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with me, may you have a long and happy marraige and I look forward to catching up with you both when you get back from Phoenix


Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm a guest blogger for those 4 togs!

It's not often that I'm published, well not since my heady scrapbooking days. These days finding the time to even blog for myself can seem impossible.

Just recently a new blog was started by a 4 fellow professionals, 2 of whom are also personal friends of mine.

Their blog 4togsblog is simply a blog by 4 blokes who love photography, fun and beer, pretty good combination really. So they were asking for guest bloggers and one day last week I had a sudden rush of inspiration which sort of came about with my recent success in the boudoir market.

So Boudoir, lets hear it for the girls was written and you can read the article here..

They also gave me a lovely introduction and said some super nice things about me, you can read their intro here

Well thats me a happy gal and if you want to book a boudoir shoot you can either visit Boudoir By Mandy or my main website Mandy Charlton Photography

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gabriella [kids photographer newcastle]

Yesterday evening I went to meet up with Gabriella who is an absolute darling, she is so sweet and funny, I had a great time. Gabriellas daddy is very clever indeed and works for Orange Bus who do clever web stuff and work in a windmill, if you need a makeover for your website check these guys out because they are fab!

So on with those all important photographs:-

First frame I shot and I knew it was going to be a great photoshoot!

With daddy Mike, you can tell that she's a daddys girl can't you?

listening to see if Thomas The Tank Engine was at home

Simply gorgeous!!

If you want to book a kids or family portrait shoot I have availability in April and with the weather improving by the day it's great to get outside and get those natural fun photographs of your kids, capture every moment because they grow up so fast and then it's gone in the blink of an eye.

To book your shoot just call 07918 121838 or click through to my website


Monday, March 09, 2009

Nigel and Lou - The Engagement Shoot [couples photographer, newcastle upon tyne}

Yesterday I went down to the coast to shoot Nige and Lous engagement session, Nige is a great friend and if I've been at your wedding you may recognise him because he's also my assistant.

Well Nige and Lou are planning a lavish and spectacular wedding next year and I'm honoured that they want me to take care of the photography.

I have to say that this E-shoot is probably the most favourite I've ever shot and considering it was easily the coldest windiest Sunday ever just makes these images all the better.

Wanna see?

Don't they make a fabulous couple?

I adore this one

and this one too!!

Could Nige be possibly the most romantic man ever to have been present at a couples shoot?

can't wait to see them do this dip in their wedding outfits

love, love, sweet, sweet love!

I know that Nige and Lou love these and that makes me so happy because I truly wanted to do an amazing job, you two have such a once in a life time connection I really cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year.

If you would like to feel the love and book yourself a couples shoot please call me on the numbers on the banner or click through to my website.

Sunday, March 08, 2009 is live

You all know just how much of a success my business has been and I'm so happy and thankful for that every single day. I've been shooting boudoir photography for a while now but always thought it was out of place on my family friendly blog so last week with a lot of help from Kris White I managed to aquire a new website specifically to share boudoir work.

You can find it at or just by clicking here.

don't forget to leave a comment or two to let me know what you think :0)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Karen and Andy are married

Yesterday I was up at one of my most favourite venues, Linden Hall, near Morpeth in Northumberland.

I was present at the wedding reception of Karen and Andy, actually it was a smaller booking (something which I specialise in) and I was only there from their arrival at the venue until the start of the speeches, around 3 hours just in case you're wondering what you can achieve in that time.

I can't believe just how many brilliant photographs I managed to capture in that short space of time.

Wanna see some?

Karen, who looked absolutely amazing.

and Andy, the very dashing and funny groom.

They really are a wonderfully warm and above all fun type of couple.

Vintaged to the max!

I adored the simplicity of Karens bouquet.

You know that group shots don't have to be boring.

especially when you have a welshman with a sense of humour like Andy!!

Karen and Andy I am so honoured that I got to shoot your wedding portraits, can't wait to catch up with you both when you return from honeymoon.

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