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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Karen and Andy are married

Yesterday I was up at one of my most favourite venues, Linden Hall, near Morpeth in Northumberland.

I was present at the wedding reception of Karen and Andy, actually it was a smaller booking (something which I specialise in) and I was only there from their arrival at the venue until the start of the speeches, around 3 hours just in case you're wondering what you can achieve in that time.

I can't believe just how many brilliant photographs I managed to capture in that short space of time.

Wanna see some?

Karen, who looked absolutely amazing.

and Andy, the very dashing and funny groom.

They really are a wonderfully warm and above all fun type of couple.

Vintaged to the max!

I adored the simplicity of Karens bouquet.

You know that group shots don't have to be boring.

especially when you have a welshman with a sense of humour like Andy!!

Karen and Andy I am so honoured that I got to shoot your wedding portraits, can't wait to catch up with you both when you return from honeymoon.



Anonymous said...

these are great Mandy, and all within 3 hrs! No wonder you had a headache the next day! So, are these with a new 40d?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean funny groom, funny looking or funny guy? Mandy, I can't believe you did that many pic's in such a sort time. Exactly what i wanted

Thanks from us both

x x x x x

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