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Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm a guest blogger for those 4 togs!

It's not often that I'm published, well not since my heady scrapbooking days. These days finding the time to even blog for myself can seem impossible.

Just recently a new blog was started by a 4 fellow professionals, 2 of whom are also personal friends of mine.

Their blog 4togsblog is simply a blog by 4 blokes who love photography, fun and beer, pretty good combination really. So they were asking for guest bloggers and one day last week I had a sudden rush of inspiration which sort of came about with my recent success in the boudoir market.

So Boudoir, lets hear it for the girls was written and you can read the article here..

They also gave me a lovely introduction and said some super nice things about me, you can read their intro here

Well thats me a happy gal and if you want to book a boudoir shoot you can either visit Boudoir By Mandy or my main website Mandy Charlton Photography

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