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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musings of a working mum in the summer holidays

It's fair to say that my children are the people who complete me, I put everything into being the best possible mum so when Abigail informed me that she'd had the best summer holidays ever I congratulated myself on a job well done, of course what then happened is I caught a glance of a never ending to-do list.  Work has been somewhat neglected over the summer holidays, finding a balance between being a great mum and a business woman is a never ending struggle.

I question how other mums do it, certainly the business mums I do know seem to have the same struggles and so I wonder if there is a possibIlity of balance at holiday times.  Last year in the summer holidays I shot 11 weddings and we didn't
Get to do much else, my children told me in no uncertain. Terms that I had neglected them and even though I took them to Scarborough for 4 days it clearly wasn't good enough.

This year by the time they go back to school I'll have shot 4 weddings and we've been to Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, York and I went to Cardiff for 4 nights with Laura.  It's felt a much easier way of living but I am now broke from not working enough to sustain their spending which is akin to the great banking crisis before anyone actually found out!

Hubby of course has worked the entire summer taking only a couple of Mondays off and it doesn't seem to bother him, he muses that in the winter the kids get him there all the time but of course the kids are at school for most of the winter, He is a truly great dad and together we're pretty great parents for the most part so why do I feel so bad?  

We of the female form seem to be the only ones who suffer pangs of guilt that we're palming off the kids with too much CBBC and Nickelodeon, I'm starting to think that iCarly is my favourite programme because it seems to be on the tv endlessly.

And so this ends this rather random blog post, something I needed to write if only to clear my own head and hear my own thoughts out loud, I just hope some harassed business mum will read this and realize that she's not alone In the guilt I think we all feel as we try to be the best wife/mother/businesswoman and mostly all at the same time!
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