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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Saturday

Hello, firstly you may have noticed that I removed my link to the craft kingdom, craft forums, this is simply because we don't want you to be put off from joining a forum which isn't quite finished yet, we are hoping to have a big launch party in a couple of weeks when we are sure it's just perfect, however if you are an eager beaver and just can't wait then scroll back to my post with the link in and if you can stand the construction work then we would love to see you.

I just need to make the following point. The Craft kingdom hopes to be the first non commercial and completely independant craft forum, we want you to join and if you are a member of another forum thats just fine, if you want to link to somewhere special then show us we would love to visit too. We are not and will never pinch or poach members from other forums or insist that you only use our forum, quite frankly there's enough room in the world for several forums and I myself cannot live without the likes of UKScrappers. The craft kingdom will be a place of fun, education and unlimited possibilities, a craft kingdom without boundaries!

So anyway onto lighter matters, I have been beavering away all day, most of it I have to say trying to rectify my explosion in a pink paintcan factory which I created earlier today, luckily I calmed it down in the end to nice muted tones which will see us through until the wonderful graphic designer we have on the team puts his designs and colour schemes into the template. I wish I could take the credit for personally bringing this wonderfully talented and creative team to the forum but alas it's not me, it's Kirsteen a super talented lady who has the most awesomely talented and creative people to bring to the team. So now you're probably wondering about my role, what can I bring to the team, well I am a prolific poster, I'm highly exciteable and wholly enthusiastic, it's long been my vision to create something like this and because of a random conversation with Kirsteen in January she made it possible along with our third forum diva Ann-marie, once again hugely talented and clever. There's so much brain power on this team Mensa are worried!!

I'll be back with regular updates on whats going on and where we are as well as the normal everyday ramblings and shopping tip.

If you haven't bookmarked my blog yet, why not? Surely I must make even the maddest person seem sane!!

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