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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top of the Thursday to you!!

I was going to wish you top of the morning but as it's Thursday i thought I would combine them in a BOGOF offer!

I'm off to see my Psychiatrist today to check I am still insane and can keep borrowing the cloak of insanity from the NHS, I have had it for a while now and keep wondering if they'll want it back, I wonder if it's like old crutches, you know the ones you shlould have returned 10 years ago but they're now spray painted pnk and form some kind of futeristic post modernist art work!

The children and happily ensconsed in Dora the Explorer, who says TV is bad for the little ones, they can watch Dora and learn to speak spanish at the same time!! Lazy town teaches all the perils of being lazy and watching TV and eating too many sweeties and is therefore a complete oxymoron as it's on TV!!

Then there's Something Special which teaches you sign language, I tell you a day of Cbeebies or Nick Jnr and you're all ready for a degree!!

I'm not such a bad mummy really though, it's just that I like to check my emails and blog and give paul a lie in on the school holidays and weebeebies tv is just the way to do it, I can promise that we will actually do stuff today, yesterday they built an enourmous mud pie in the garden and generally had a fabby muddy time.

I wonder what is in store for us today, i really need to go and take some photographs as it's the UKS cyber-crop this weekend and I'm running out of photos I really want to scrap. Not sure how much of the weekend I'll get to enjoy as I can't get rid of the whole family this weekend, The kids are all off out tommorrow night though so atleast I'll be there for the start.

Right, I need more coffee or I'll be no good to anyone till atleast tea-time!!

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Unknown said...

I wish the NHS would tell me that im crazy, i would love to have a crack at some prozac some other form of mind candy. I havn't had much luck with the NHS so far since we have been here, and have now contacted a lawyer and im suing them. I find them to be very incompetent.

I know what you mean about the kids. I did take my olderones to London the other day, really only because i wanted to go. I do leave my 2 yearold in front of the TV, I find i plan Brodies day around Nick JR, Beebies, and Playhouse disney. Am I a bad mom? i don't think so, just a frusterated one. And i ran out of things to talk to my 2 yearold about a long time ago.


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