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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Prima Heaven

I woke up this morning feeling soooo sleepy after being up during the night with Looby Lump, I needed a tonic and boy did I get one, I got to go and have a look at the Prima trade website and make my recommendations to HappyScrapper. Well dear reader, you know me and the humble Prima, I was in Heaven, I spent a good hour looking at them all whilst trying to email back my suggestions and not drool on the keyboard too much. Dear reader it will be an exciting day when they all arrive at HappyScrapper but I fear that more than a few of us will have empty bank accounts and aching credit cards.

Prima never fail to disappoint me, I heard a whisper on a forum today that Prima are planning to launch a range of 118 papers this summer, OMG can you imagine if they are even half as nice as all the flowery wonderfulness? I think I better start a savings account in preparation! LOL

In other news today nothing really actually occured, Looby is better than she was although she is still a little lollopy and hasn't eaten too much but she's still managed lots of cuddles and smiles and giggles.

I received my 30 free prints from photobox today, they have an offer if you sign up you get 30 free 6x4.5 in prints and it only costs £1.50 for the postage, also they take paypal which is a bonus. If you want to give them a go you can do it HERE

I'm not quite delighted with them and must say that even though it works out more expensive I prefer to print my own however I am a fussy B and the offer is still great value, they also have BOGOF on 7x5 and 10x8, I may be tempted to use them again but just until I can get a new printer. My Canon iP3000 has been a dream for the last year or so but now it's showing it's age, I'm hanging on till I'm out of hospital and then I am going to upgrade to the new one, the one which uses the chromalife inks. My dad has one and the colours are just amazing. I know it's more expensive buying Canon brand inks but I wouldn't use anything else for fear that my Layouts would outlast the photos, because quite frankly dear readers what is the use of that?!

Another night of scrapping beckons due to the arrival of the photos and then I'll be watching The Apprentice at 9pm on BBC2, I never watched the first serious but I am absolutely addicted to this one, I can only hope that Sir Alan (dog-eat-dog) Sugar finally gets round to firing the smugness that is Sayeed, from day one his complete stuck up his own bottomness (new made up word!) has irritated me no end, Please please fire him this week!! He's not big and he's not clever, he's got to go, in the words of Sir Alan "You're Fired"!!


Unknown said...

Nothing like looking at new stuff to put you back into the right frame of mind.

I love your page.. Verynice.

Anonymous said...

I noticed scraporium have split their Primas: however at 5 for 50p I think I will pass.

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