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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Super Tuesday

Yes another Tuesday is here again, is it just me or do they seem to keep coming around?! We were supposed to be going out for an adventure today but Pauls Dad managed to ruin our plans again by insisting that Paul not only dropped him off at work but also picked him up too at 4pm so my dreams of going off to the South West coast of Scotland for the day have been chucked out, Grrrrrr.

Paul wants to go to the garden centre but quite frankly I would rather stick pins in my eyes, I'm really not the gardening type and if you ask me I think we should be concentrating on the inside of the house rather than the sodding back garden.

Yes you may have guessed that I am grumpy but Pauls delightful father rang at 6.15 am to wake him up, also waking up the girls in the process who thought that it was the alarm, I'm sure dear reader you may also take issues with this. Then the blinking heating had gone off again so we froze with blankies around us waiting for Paul to come back home, he is currently the only one able to fix it, being that it's a heating system built by men and for men sometime around the 16th century! LOL

No doubt my springlike frenzy of a mood will continue for a while!

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