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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A crafty day

It's been a fab crafty day today!, Got up watched craft, went to HobbyCraft and The Scrapbook shop, came home, watched craft and did 2 layouts 1 of which I uploaded earlier, if you want to veiw the other one you'll have to come round to my house for cake and scrapping!

so now we have the girls back, they're watching Fimbles before bedtime and then it's back to more Tv Crafting with Born Dippy on QVC, I haven't bought a thing off QVC ever, I just like the feeling that there is someone in the room crafting with me, even if it is Born Dippy, Yes I realsie that she's an inspiration to many and without her we wouldn't have craft on tv, well actually I don't think thats true because I think someone else would have been on telly doing craft instead. I laughted at Lisa Bearnson (My heroine) who couldn't get a word in edgeways in her hour for Simon (Biggy mouth) Biagi, and I can't beleive he asked her if she had a beer whilst she's been over here, obviously no one told him that she's a Mormon. I don't know quite how she squeezes it all in, she has 5 children, is the founder of Creating Keepsakes and goes all around the world scrapping and selling stash on QVC. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

Born Dippy has her take on this seasons floral trend, Pink Flippin floral peel-offs, how to mkae something cute and funky into something twee and a bit orrible!

Rant over, atleast she comes to craft in my sitting room!!

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Anonymous said...

I missed Lisa with Simon I'd have loved to have seen that. Didn't her coming from Utah give him a big clue? What's he doing drinking beer, he's diabetic and it'll mess up his sugar levels.


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