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Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is so tragic but I actually laughted...

At my own funniness!

Ok I know that's dire but you see the thing is as some of you know I write the Happyscrapper posts for "and now a word from our sponsors" at the moment whilst Lyn is on her hols and every day I try to make them fun and memorable but today I came up with the idea of putting scrapping into Eastenders and when I posted and read it back I had a proper belly laugh, just the thought of Pat and Peggy coming to blows over the square CJ cracked me up. I apologise dear reader, I don't usually find myself amusing but I think every once in a while there's no shame in a teeny giggle! I also think upon reflection if there was more Crafting and less Murder in Albert Square it wouldn't be too long before Walford was a brighter place :)

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