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Friday, April 21, 2006

Fabulous Footballing Friday!!

I hate football but my Hubby is playing in the cup final for his Sunday pub team tonight so I want to wish him lots and lots of love and look and I hope that his Kicky foot is working well, I love you darling and I'll be with you all the way!!

I obviously won't actually be there though as I have my own important things coming up tonight, for instance it's the start of the weekend long cyber crop on UkScrappers and although I have been trying to keep a lid on my excitement, I can't pretend that I am not looking forward to it immensely and hoping also that I can get several pages scrapped.

I musdt have known about my puter problems as I backed up all my photos and digi-kits this week, I now have a copy of PSE4 on this PC which will sort out the digi layouts that I would like to get done and later I am going to pop all the photos on this hard-drive as it's much much bigger than the other one.

I did find a few treasures on this PC for instance some heritage photos which I received from my granny so I might be able to get a few of those scrapped, I'm not really into heritage layouts but I don't mind the occasional one or two and lets face it if I don't preserve the memories then who will.

I'm sharing with you another layout from the last UKS cyber-crop, this one was taught by the immensely talented Anso, this is one of those layouts which is timeless, no matter what fads or styles are in this one will live through them all!!

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