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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yes I am more than a little excited to bring the following video clips to you all, you may have noticed that my videoplayer has changed somewhat and thats because the nice people at YouTube
have all manner of Wicked clips ready for me to show to you on my blog, yes there are 37 in total, you'll get to see all manner of Elphies and Galindas/Glinda (depending on what stage of the musical they are) I'm more than just a bit excited about this as quite often I ramble on incessantly about Wicked and how much I love it and now I can share all the highlights that I have found which is more than just a little bit thrilling, if this doesn't make you rush out and book tickets for the musical, I'll eat my Elphie Hat!! It should be stated that of all the Elphabas, my favourite and the lady who features on the soundtrack Idina Menzel is my absolute favourite!!

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