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Monday, April 03, 2006

Work is progressing...

Down at the Craft Kingdom

I have spent the day chatting and posting to our founder members who are a really great bunch of peeps, behind the scenes theres also loads of planning and Kirsteen managed to squeeze loads into her already busy day including of course those O so essential Forum Rules.

Did you know that if you are a retailer you can join up and advertise your wonders in up to 7 posts a day, if you sell crafts you might want to join up and have a link to your wares in your signature, thats the joy of being independant.

We have so much stuff we're dying to tell you about but we just can't, we're working on having an official launch in a date thats not so far away and to me this whole thing is all so exciting.

I'm trying hard to control myself and not post a million posts a day and then run out of things to talk about but when you have a new project which is the epitomy of your dreams it can be kind of hard.

Don't forget though even though we haven't officially launched and as long as you don't mind some building and painting and decorating along the way we would truly love to see you all.


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