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Monday, April 17, 2006

Will this weekend ever be over?

Blimey it seems to have gone on forever and quite frankly I am now bored beyond belief, sick of my life and wishing it was next monday when they all go back to school, I guess I just don't appreciate weekends the way that I did when I used to work all week so I guess dear readers that if you do work very hard all week then you are probably having a whale of a time on this muchly extended weekend.

We're all off to the park this morning if my sanity holds out for long enough which I suspect it may not. Still a lovely walk will help the children run off all the chocolate won't it, I would like to say it was not me who let the children eat chocolate for breakfast again. I was also not the first to tell them to calm down and wonder why they were running about like wild animals, me thinks that sometimes men just don't put 2 and 2 together and if they do they must come up with some strange and alien number! LOL

I hope dear reader that you have a wonderful day and a spot of lunch somewhere calm and quiet, I have a Sunday dinner to cook later, arggghhh, I'm feeling like I need a lie down already :D

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